What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Anonymity?

Online Anonymity

Being anonymous on the internet is safe but it is not useful all the time. Hiding of identity on the internet is easy by having VPN or Proxy on the device. This is the simplest trick to keep privacy on the internet. But, people think that online anonymity has only benefits and there are no drawbacks. If you want to know full about online anonymity then read this article and get the answer in brief.

What is the importance of online Anonymity?

Online anonymity becomes important for internet users. All want to hide personal information from others. There are many benefits of why online anonymity is necessary in some cases.

Protect online data

The first aim of being anonymous on the internet is to hide the data to protect online information. And the way by which you can hide your browsing information is by using of VPN. We have provided the name of some best virtual private network which comes in the top list are:

  • KeepSolid VPN
  • Hola VPN
  • Express VPN

And if you look for buying a VPN service at a reasonable price then try KeepSolid VPN. You can save huge bucks on KeepSolid VPN offers. Get the chance of trial on the use of Hola and Express VPN.

Hide information

If you are anonymous on the internet then, a hacker becomes unable to know that who you are. If you are unknown while surfing on the internet. Then it means, you are safe from any type of hacking. 

Freed to speak

It is also important for the people who want to participate in any discussion. But, feel hesitation during debate time. They get relief from being judge by anyone during the discussion. In this way, users can show the right to speak in front of everyone while activating on the internet. And he/she does not feel shy and uncomfortable with other people.

Reveal social problems

When a user is anonymous, it means they don’t have any fear to talk about any topic. They can easily describe and show the image of society. People feel relief from being tracked by anyone. Sometimes people do not want to share social problems because of fear of high authority people. So, become anonymous online is necessary in this case.

How do you maintain online Anonymity?

  • There are many tricks by which you can hide your online identity as long you need. The use of a VPN is the best way which is helpful to become unknown to people. And the best VPN provider companies are KeepSolid, Hola, and Express. All VPN companies provide some scheme during the sale. But the KeepSolid VPN offers unlimited discount opportunities. 
  • Use a private mode browser to hide the browsing information. It is a useful way to maintain your online anonymity and keep privacy on online data.
  • Do not share the username or password with anyone. It can reveal your identity to anyone. 

These are the reasons why you need be to anonymous during online activity. But everything has some drawbacks also. Now, we are discussing the disadvantages of online anonymity also.

How does anonymity affect online activities

If someone is anonymous on the internet then, it may be disadvantageous for you in many situations. 

Information can be fake

If someone is anonymous on the internet. Then you should not trust them because they do not show their identity. And if some loss happens in online activity then, you cannot claim and track them. The information which they provide you is not valid. 

Online abuse

When internet user becomes unknown while online activity then they feel powerful. It means people think that we can say anything to anyone. And no one can track our identity because we hide online information. Due to the online anonymity ratio of trolling increases day by day. 

Easy to lie

If anyone hides the identity on the internet then they can also misuse it in the wrong way. They can make lots of fake FB or other social media accounts. They can easily lie to people because you don’t know who they are. 

Increase cyber crimes

Hiding identity from the internet makes a person stranger to everyone. No one knows who is running activity behind the internet. So, cybercrimes increases due to this reason. Hackers enjoy the access to hide online information and can misuse the data of people. Many people do not take security software on their devices. Then an anonymous or hacker can easily steal money by getting the account number from the internet.

Summary: final review of online Anonymity
  • Online anonymity is important but not in every situation. Being anonymous to protects online activity by hiding personal information is important. But if you hide your identity to steal someone’s data then it is not a good point for online anonymity. 
  • Hide identity to reveal the social issues is a positive sign of anonymity. But in another case, if you become anonymous to troll someone then being anonymity leads to cybercrimes. 

Anonymity has both its pros & cons but it depends on you how you utilize it. You can either use it positively or negatively.

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