December 2, 2023


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Advantages of Choosing Microsoft Azure SQL Database as Your Enterprise DB

SQL Database oracle live sql

SQL Database oracle live sql

SQL Database oracle live sql: There is a real worth question faced by enterprise database decision-makers lately, whether or not to deploy the business data on the cloud or not? Lately, business putting data on the cloud is gaining larger popularity as it is much easier and cost-effective to do the same. Thanks to the DBaaS providers like Microsoft offering solutions like Microsoft Azure. They bring the most advanced technical strategies into practice by creating an infrastructure for enterprises to manage their big data stores (in huge volumes of petabytes) and work fantastic in terms of storage and analytical capabilities.

One of the major challenge organizations used to face conventionally with SQL database management systems was the inability to handle a big data volume. Scalability came up as one of the primary requirements of enterprise data as the data sources, and the size of data started to increase day by day. Moreover, Big Data applications and machine learning capabilities, etc., became mandatory for business enterprises to ensure a better return on investment and make viable business decisions in the highly competitive global business environment. This was merely impossible with the erstwhile SQL DBs. Microsoft Azure SQL DB came into to fill these gaps.

The advancements lately made in SQL databases enable businesses of all sizes to save more money and scale up or down easily and efficiently when needed. Microsoft had put in a lot of research-based advancements in its Azure SQL DB, which are meant to fulfill the growing database-based requirements of modern-day organizations. In this article, we discuss some of the major benefits that enterprise users now realize with the use of Microsoft Azure SQL Database as their business database service.

Advantages of using Microsoft Azure SQL DB

High scalability and beyond it

The flexible and customizable service plans of SQL Database from Microsoft Azure meet up with the needs of big and small businesses alike. SQL is no longer way out of small enterprises’ reach because Microsoft offers a very affordable price structure for Azure SQL DB, starting at as little as $5 per month, which features a storage capacity of 150 GB for a database. This is a lot of space for small enterprise databases, which they get at a very little price.

Minimal to no downtime and higher speed

Higher availability and lower downtime are the two primary characteristics an ideal database should have. For modern-day enterprise applications, these two mean more returns, and lack any of these means instant revenue loss. The high-availability architecture of Microsoft Azure ensures connectivity at a higher speed and easy and effective data retrieval. The provider also ensures minimal to no downtime for your enterprise database. As there is nothing worse than the need to stop the business at peak hours, this assurance by Microsoft Azure SQL is a boon.Providers like ensure the best-in-class remote database administration services to the users of Azure SQL.


The companies can now easily add application instances through sharding as needed. Here, sharding is a partitioning of the database, which helps to separate big databases into smaller and quicker, easily manageable parts known as data shards. With this, the users can spin nodes up or down as needed, with which you can leverage a scalable federation infrastructure without affecting any other spaces of the server. SQL Azure Federation Data Migration Wizard will also help automate the process of sharding, which can positively impact the organization and cut down the employees’ efforts.

Multiple implementation levels

Azure SQL also features multiple implementation levels from the users that can benefit largely. If you are a small organization in need of a website and a database to back it up, you can hitch an Azure instance to the Azure website, and you are good to go. On the other hand, if your need is for a full-blown VM (virtual machine) now or later, you can also get that from the provider. For the Azure SQL users, it is also possible to use SQL Server, which is locally deployed instead of Azure. All such various options for implementation will help the organization to be more adaptable to the inevitable changes it may undergo from time to time. Using SQL Azure, you will not be stuck ever at any point with any database scaling or performance needs. Azure SQL offers a very strong foundation that ensures and encourages the growth of an organization. SQL Database oracle live sql

Enhanced usability

As we can see, the SQL developers need not have a big learning curve. Anyone familiar with the SQL and SQL DB can easily update themselves with the knowledge of SQLCMD or SQL Server Management Studio. The major catch now is that there is no coding required to administer Microsoft Azure SQL. Using the standard SQL, it is not much easier to manage the database systems without the need to write or update the DB without the use of complicated codes. This has made Microsoft Azure SQL an ideal choice for small organizations, which usually do not have high expertise and technical know-how in complicated coding applications. SQL Database oracle live sql

No administrative duties on the user side

On using Microsoft Azure SQL DB, you need not have to bear any complicated administrative duties on the physical location where you operate. So, the employees and IT team can take their time to reinvest more effectively in the strategic works they need to execute for the advancement and growth of the business. As the database is cloud-hosted, you need not have to worry about setting up the SQL server, apportioning the databases, and dealing with physical machines’ management and maintenance. All these results in a better alignment of the organizational goals and more time left on your side for growth. SQL Database oracle live sql

Along with the above advantages, you will find the migration to Microsoft Azure SQL Database also much easier than ever with the tools and support it offers. The SQL Data Sync will let you connect your SQL Server-stored data with no trouble and move the data without worrying about the cost to migrate by syncing even the gigabyte-sized tables. SQL Database oracle live sql

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