December 2, 2023


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Age verification Helps Enterprises To Deliver Their Products To Legalized Users

Age verification

Age verification

Age verification solutions are a way for the industries’ age-restricted products. Age-exclusive industries like alcohol, cannabis, and websites selling their products online are liable to operate carefully. The development in technology compelled businesses to opt for a digital space for themselves. The technology-driven generation is a user of internet services. It would be rare that you see a person without a mobile phone in their hand. With such an influence of cell phones, it is not possible for businesses to survive without having digital platforms. As they say, “go where your customers are”.

With the unlimited benefits that the internet is providing us, it has its negative sides as well. Just like businesses have possibilities of facing frauds in the physical world, they incorporate chances of experiencing an unfortunate event in the digital world as well. Considering the challenges of frauds associated with the online world, businesses need to be efficient in their operations and stop fraudsters from getting into their circle.

Age Verification Solutions

Online age verification is the identification service employed by certain industries. Websites that sell prohibited content like alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco need to be very careful while running their businesses online. As the goods they sell are authorized for individuals above a certain age, only the legalized individuals should be allowed to access them.

The procedure of digitally verifying individuals on the basis of their age is called age verification online. Conventional methods of verifying age are being replaced by modernized ways due to the advancement in technology. Because of the simplicity of their nature, they are no longer in use. Merchants brought a variety of sophisticated techniques to authenticate their customers before allowing them to access the products.

In an offline world, protecting the innocence of children can be a challenge. But that challenge must be countered well. age-restricted industries are liable to protect minors’ physical and mental well-being. They are ethically responsible for the safety of minors, after all, children are the future.

The initial methods of age verification employed by businesses used to be very simple. Customers had to tick the boxes or manually type their age in the box. Minors being attracted to the products do not spare a second thought lying at the moment. Such sort of activities enhanced the number of identity frauds and also caused the children to become victims of a variety of frauds.

Age checks

An increased number of identity thefts required businesses to have a more efficient method of verification that possesses the least chances of being bypassed. Online age verification is the answer to this problem. Technology integrated online checks require the children to submit their date of birth and age at the time of registration. Later that to confirm the authenticity of manually typed age, the user is asked to show any official document. OCR will extract the data from the document and further verification is performed. Once the verification is performed, the user will be given access or will be denied depending upon the given age threshold.

Significance Of Age Verification In The Alcohol Industry

Alcohol, almost everyone is familiar with the name and the product, but not the taste, of course. It is a drink that is prohibited in various parts of the world due to its addiction and lethal effects on the health of individuals. Adults are also considered unsafe from its effects. But the regulations of some countries still have made it legal for individuals above a certain age.

Regulatory authorities have put stringent rules over the consumption of alcohol. Besides online, alcohol sellers are not allowed to openly sell it in an offline world as well. Businesses dealing with the selling of alcohol are allowed to sustain in the market only when they adhere to the compliance diligently. In a physical world where merchants cannot sell it openly, regulatory authorities bind digital merchants to sell it after carefully verifying the buyer of the product.

Age verification solution is the only way for age-restricted websites to authenticate the consumers. The robust process being done in a matter of seconds is helping businesses to restrict minors from their websites without causing the legalized individuals to wait unnecessarily. 


Age verification solution is used to identify the legalized individuals for age-restricted websites. Sellers of products like alcohol, tobacco, and e-cigarettes have to make sure they only allow genuine individuals to access the products. Protection of minors has to be the number one priority of age-exclusive merchants.

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