December 8, 2023


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All You Need to Know About Partner Visas

Partner visa usa

Partner visa usa

Partner visa usa: Many people around the world are looking for ways through which they could settle in a country other than their own. Consequently, depending on its policy towards immigrants, each country offers a variety of visas and partner visas are among the most favourite ones that some countries provide. In fact, Australia alone witnessed over 72000 applications for partner visas in 2021. This is because Australia offers the best partner visas and is more lenient toward those seeking peace beside their beloved ones. If you are one of those who wish to reunite with their partner in Australia, here is what you should know about partner visas.

What is a Partner Visa?

A partner visa allows one to live and work in Australia temporarily or permanently. Partners engaged in a same-sex or heterosexual relationship can apply for this visa, provided that their relationship proves to be a genuine one.  In order to prove this, you must provide evidence that your relationship is more than 12 months old and the fact that it is going to last for even a longer time. Having a child or a connected bank account, bills for joint travel, shopping, etc., are among the ways to prove you have a genuine relationship.

How is the process?

Your partner must be a permanent resident of Australia or Newzealand, and he/she must agree to sponsor you. Then you can lodge a temporary visa and wait till you are notified by the Department of Home Affairs. If your visa is approved, you can pack and head to the land of Kangaroos and Koalas. Within the first two years of your residency there, you can lodge a permanent visa. Hopefully, if your visa is approved, you can live in Australia as long as you wish.

Are partner visas permanent?

Suppose your partner is a permanent resident in Australia or Newzealand, and you wish to join him/her. In that case, you first need to apply for a temporary visa, commonly referred to as subclass 309. Getting this visa means that you can live in Australia for two years and then apply for subclass 100, a permanent visa. Also, if you are already in Australia or Newzealand but your visa is expiring, you can lodge a temporary visa application, commonly referred to as visa subclass 820. When your application is approved, you can apply for a permanent partner visa known as subclass 801. The reason why the first visa subclasses are temporary is that the government wants to test your relationship to make sure that you have a genuine relationship with your partner, and it takes them around two years to do so.

What about time and money?

The time processing depends on whether you lodge your visa onshore or offshore. If you apply for a permanent visa onshore, you’ll have to wait for 23-28 months before it is approved. However, you can stay in Australia and live with your partner during this time. The processing time for an offshore application is around 18-23 months. Regarding the expenses, you need to pay about $7,000.00, and the bad news is that it may increase in 2022, but the good news is that your partner can sponsor you.

Can I study and work if I have a Partner Visa?

By having a temporary partner visa, you can work in Australia. Still, you cannot study as your visa might expire before completing your courses. However, if you get a permanent partner visa, you will be allowed to study in Australia, but you will not receive any funds from the government.

What else should I know about Partner Visas?

Apart from what’s been said, a couple of things make the process easier for you. Some of these tips will come in handy even if you are applying for other kinds of visas. Consider them, and you’ll save yourself tons of time. Partner visa usa

Get Prepared for Health and character exams.

After lodging your visa, you’ll be required to take a health and character exam. This is to ensure that you are a normal person with no serious physical or mental issues. Also, you’ll be required to provide a police certificate that confirms that you have never broken the law of any country where you lived for more than a year during the last ten years of your life. You can demand a police certificate online, and after uploading your documents, you’ll receive a national police certificate. You need to pay $ 98 so, remember to upload all required documents to make sure you don’t have to go through the process again. Partner visa usa

Seek consultation

Getting a partner visa might bother you a great deal if your information is incomplete and you apply without preparation. You can learn about certain issues only from an immigration agency or a well-informed lawyer. Booking a consultation will not cost you a lot, but it will undoubtedly make things much easier as you’ll learn what exactly you need to do and how to proceed. If you’re planning to get a permanent visa, you can also get a free consultation for your business in Australia.

Get a Language Certificate

Having a language certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL is not mandatory. Still, it’s highly recommended as you may have to apply for other kinds of visas that require a language certificate. Also, it increases your chances of finding a job to a great extent. If you think getting an IELTS or TOEFL certificate is difficult, a better option is PTE which is much easier to get and is regarded as a valid language certificate all over Australia. Partner visa usa

Work on your relationship

As you might agree, getting a permanent partner visa is rather difficult and takes some time. The reason is that there have been too many cases where the applicants have ended their relationship with their partner after getting their permanent visa. Consequently, the government have implemented stricter rules so that those who wish to become permanent residents of Australia have some obligation to remain loyal to their partner. Do your best to keep your relationship going.  In case your relationship ends and you fail to convince the authorities that your partner wished to break up, your visa might be considered null and void. In such cases, you’ll be given some time to lodge a new visa; if it is rejected, you’ll have to leave the country.