December 7, 2023


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All You Need to Know about the Google Ad Manager

google ad manager 360

google ad manager 360

Do you own a business with complex advertising needs?

Google ad manager 360: The Google Ad Manager can be of great help! If you leverage the Google Ad manager, it can pull all your paid ads and their relevant activities in one place together. You don’t have to take the trouble to spread out your PPC across different Google Ads accounts. Isn’t it super convenient?

With the help of Google Ad Manager, you can manage your ad campaigns more efficiently and boost the return on your ad spend simultaneously. You can set up a Google Ad Manager account very quickly, and it won’t take much time to transform how you run your paid ad campaigns.

Moreover, if you link your Google Ad Manager with Google AdSense, you can effortlessly prevent invalid clicks and activities. Google AdSense takes invalid actions very seriously. It has developed robust processes, uses the most innovative technology, and has an expert team to protect you from invalid traffic, baseless activities, or fraud.


How Can You Link Your Google Ad Manager to Google AdSense?

There are just a few simple steps to kickstart the integration: 

• Open AdSense and click on Menu

• Now, you should click settings access and authorization to enable third-party access.

• Navigate to locate your Ad Manager’s request to collaborate and click Approve.

So, are you ready to give it a try to Google Ad Manager?

Let us start from scratch.


What is a Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager is a dashboard that helps you manage different Google Ad accounts in one place. If you use Google Ad Manager, you don’t have to face the hassle of logging into your multiple ad accounts with specific usernames and passwords. Instead, there is one solution to everything, making it convenient for you to manage your ads.


How Can Google Ad Manager Help Your Business?

Google Ad Manager, previously known as My Client Center, offers a lot of perks to organizations with extensive advertising requirements. Some of the most significant ones are:

1. Get access to different campaigns which belong to other accounts.

2. Have control over who can access your ad account

3. Monitor and analyze the performance of different accounts at a glance

4. Get a common platform to manage all your ads.

5. Combine the billing of different ad accounts to have a better understanding of your costs

6. Google Manager saves a lot of your time. As a Google Ad Manager can help you have the complete information about your ad campaigns at your disposal, you can optimize your ads quickly.

7. Google Ad Manager can help you improve your ROI remarkably. It ensures you make the most out of all the hard-earned dollars you spend on your ad campaigns.

Who are the Right People to Use the Google Ad Manager?

You must opt for a Google Ad Manager account if your business runs different ad accounts. The most typical example of who should use Google Ad Manager are various advertising agencies. Moreover, businesses of all sizes and niches can also use Google Ad Manager to meet their PPC needs. The Google Ad Manager accounts are handy for marketing agencies because they can easily integrate them with their clients’ accounts.

For example, if your company works with hundreds of clients from all corners of the world, it undoubtedly becomes a challenging task for you to access each client’s account with a different username and password. Right? If you use the Google Ad Manager, you can manage many accounts in one place.

It doesn’t only make your life easier but also transforms the data that you have. Just imagine, if you have all the insights from 500 clients of the same industry in one place, won’t it be easy for you to keep track of the campaigns that are doing well and the campaigns that need improvement?

Although marketing agencies are indeed most likely to run paid ads in bulk, that’s why they can benefit from Google Ad Manager accounts. But several other companies can efficiently run their multiple ad accounts together with the help of the Google Ad Manager. For instance, large companies with different departments with separate marketing teams can run their Google Ad accounts to keep their ad campaigns on track.

Suppose you bring together your ad accounts under one Google Ads manager. In that case, it will help you combine the power of segmented marketing with the advantages than a broader oversight and analysis brings. 


Google Ad Manager: DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) and DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) Combined Together

Google Ad Manager has enhanced its functionality by combining two critical services in one platform: DFP and AdX. 


What is It Meant by DFP and AdX?

DFP: DFP is a tool that helps publishers analyze and manage their ads flawlessly on their websites. DFP was used to integrate different ad functions in one ad platform in the past. The major ones included scheduling digital ads, emphasizing ad lists, and optimizing those ads, which can generate the maximum revenue.

AdX: This platform is a communication network where different publishers, agencies, and ad networks buy and sell the advertising space in real-time. The AdX can simplify the ad buying process very effectively.

By combining these two platforms, Google did a brilliant job as the Google Ad Manager has got these two essential services in one place, making it more effective.

Well, this is not all about Google Ad Manager. Several other interesting facts have made this platform a popular choice for advertisers to manage their ads effectively.


Take a sneak-peek at some more of the Google Ad Manager’s excellent features:

• Google Ad Manager creates a comprehensive ad platform for all ad requirements.

• Google Ad Manager has retired the Ad Exchange helping advertisers earn more from real-time competition for their inventory.

• Google Ad Manager supports modern distribution channels like TVs, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and other applications.

• Google Ad Manager incorporates responsive search ads.

• Google Ad Manager has introduced the powerful Smart Bidding technology.

• Google Ad Manager supports local ad campaigns.


Wrapping Up

All in all, Google Ad Manager is the winning formula to make the most out of your ad campaigns. You can improve the efficiency of your pay-per-click ad campaigns by a hundred folds with the Google Ad Manager, and that too very conveniently via one single dashboard.