September 26, 2023

Andrew dawson canada, obituary and more !

Andrew dawson canada obituary

Andrew Dawson shared his daily life on social media. One day, his life changed completely when he filmed a movie in Canada.

What appeared to be an inexplicable TikTok video turned out to be Andrew Dawson being followed by unknown men.

These circumstances led to the disappearance and death of Andrew Dawson, an unsolved mystery.

What is this story?

On April 9, 2022, Andrew Dawson posted a photo of the mountain called “Whistler’s Peak” in Jarps National Park in Alberta, Canada.

There he showed a picture of a man on top of a mountain and called it a giant trying to justify the video because he was a co-driver on a moving vehicle. The video has 4.1 million views so far.
He also sent another video, saying that it was a picture of a large virtualization that he could not handle properly because of the traffic, and asked for help from someone to fly over the area .

He also said that he will return to the mountain to continue taking pictures and get closer and better.
As of April 12, Andrei posted a video of himself and his friend looking for a picture they saw a few days earlier, trying to find better pictures. then close and clear.

Once he reached a part near the mountain and clearly saw the place, Andrei said that the man was no longer visible, as he pointed to the place and spoke to the people who lived there, saying from the image that comes and goes.

Who is Andrew Dawson?

Andrew Dawson was born on March 12, 1980. He was dead at 42 years age. According to a famous biography, Andrew Dawson is worth about $ 1-5 million. According to various sources, on July 1, 1999.

However, many people believe that the whole thing is just a lie and that the death is just an accident.

Before Andrew disappeared

Andrew posted a video of a giant standing on a mountain in Canada dated On April 10, 2022. The post quickly went viral with almost 4 million views.

A CIA agent stopped him and pointed out that Dawson was crossing the road and blocking it, even though it was government property.

Four days later, he shared a video showing a suspicious black car in front of his house. When he got out, the car took off.

“Someone from the CIA stopped me and told me to go back and I wasn’t allowed to cross, but it was a public place and some citizens told me to get on this bus,” Andrew said in a new video posted on April 12 .

“I haven’t taken it yet. I’m going tomorrow and I’m going to take it because my car is locked. They say there’s a problem with the car. environment and I have to go back and not go. I didn’t understand,” he said. He added
The next day (April 13), Andrew and his dog Rex arrived at 5:32 am. to see if they noticed anything strange on the mountain. His desire and curiosity led him to take a photo of an unknown object a few days earlier that flew over the mountain where the giant appeared.

A few hours later, it seems that there is a way back to the mountain, so he can dig something with the help of two planes.

Second meeting

On April 14, Andrew returned to the mountain pass where a potential CIA agent had been in custody days before, this time to try his luck. There, the car is blocking the road and the guy holding Andrei next to the car tells him that the road is blocked and he needs to turn back.

“I don’t understand why it’s closed, whether it’s a public parking lot or a public road, I don’t know,” the man remarked, looking back from the past.

Since three days have passed since the incident, Andrei uploads a new video to his TikTok profile, showing the same car that stopped the mountain a few days ago in front of his house. He decides to counter them by calling out of the house, but the car speeds up and disappears down the road.

By May 17, 2022, Andrew Dawson has completely disappeared from social media. The recall caused a stir among consumers.

Andrew Dawson’s obituary at Andrew’s local newspaper, the River Mirror, at the age of 34, is until July 1, 2022.

The death and disappearance of Andrew Dawson remains a mystery as the cause of his death was never revealed.

The widow posted a video claiming her death had nothing to do with the video and that Andrew had been depressed for years, according to the news outlets.

Andrew Dawson dead?

Andrew Dawson’s big absence and lack of updates on his TikTok account, where he always maintained the regularity of his videos, has users searching him all over social media to find out how he is doing and if he is good.

On July 1, the Campbell River Mirror announced the tragic death of Andrew Dawson at the age of 34 in its book. In his death declaration, he did not specify the date or cause of death.
After months of mourning, his widow released a video claiming his death was unrelated and that Andrew had struggled with depression for years, saying the videos were real except for the cars and plot. What prevented him.