Android 11 preview licenses for Android TV Powered by Google Dongle

Google Dongle

Google Dongle

This morning, Google surprised us all with a preview of Android 11 for Android TV. When we browsed the preview files, we found a video showing the following dongle Made by Google Android TV.

In March, Stephen Hall reported exclusively that Google plans to launch a successor to the Chromecast Ultra, which is the first Android TV device manufactured by Google from the Nexus Player. Since then, the specifications and early marketing materials for this device, codenamed “Sabrina”, have leaked, revealing dongles, its remote control and an obvious redesign of Android TV.

Google has just released a preview of the Android 11 developer, which is available exclusively for the Android TV ADT-3 dongle. While our team is actively working to find and demonstrate the visible changes in the preview, we also searched the files for “Sabrina” signs.

Among the most harmless references to Sabrina, I discovered a video that goes through the restart of the dongle. Like previous Chromecast devices, it’s a good idea to restart your Made by Google Android TV dongle by simply unplugging it, waiting three seconds, and then plugging it in again.

What’s more interesting is that the video checks to see if the previously leaked marketing materials are genuine, because the dongle in the video has the same shape and the same “G” Google logo. http://googleIndia

What else can we draw from it? It is possible, but far from confirmed, that Android TV Google Dongle “Sabrina” could be scheduled to launch with Android 11. This could make sense for the Made by Google team, as Pixel phones usually start with the latest possible version of Android.

In contrast, Android 10 for Android TV did not arrive through Google’s ADT 3 developer until December, so it is unlikely that the new Android 11 will be ready later this year, at the time of the launch of this Made by Google dongle. will be.

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