September 26, 2023

Apostille Attestation And Document Attestation For UAE Explained

document attestation for uae

document attestation for uae

Documents are one of the most important things during immigration and travel abroad. At both the source and the destination, your passport, VISA, and the document stating the reason for your visit—or any other relevant documents—are all checked. Therefore, all these documents must be authentic and verified. Apostille is a method that makes document verification unnecessary everywhere. A document with an apostille attests that it has been certified, examined, and verified.

Since 2005, India has been a member of the 1961 Hague Convention. In other Hague Convention member nations, an Apostille document from a Hague Convention member country is considered legal and authentic. Consequently, after document Apostille attestation for UAE, your reports are viewed as legitimate in other Hague Show part nations as well.

What does an apostille document mean?

To lay it out plainly, apostille reports are ensured records that are considered lawful and certifiable in a couple of nations. The 1961 Hague Convention has members from 91 nations. The convention’s primary objective was to eliminate the separate legalization of documents for each nation. When an Apostille sticker is attached to the document’s back, it is only accepted by other members.

What are the requirements for Apostille attestation for UAE?

When individuals travel abroad to study, work, or conduct business, they are required to carry Apostille documents. You must submit an ECA certificate, educational documents, marriage certificate, etc. if your travel is for work. You might be required to provide supporting documents like a certificate of incorporation for your business if you are going on a business trip. An Apostille can be applied to any document, including personal, educational, and professional ones.

Who is the Indian Apostille?

Individual citizens cannot directly apostille their documents. Certain Apostille services organizations that process Apostille applications in India have been granted permission by the Indian government. Numerous regional attestation centers, or RACs, also accept individual applications and submit Apostille applications on their behalf.

A division of the central government, the Ministry of External Affairs, oversees India’s Apostille. An Apostille sticker is applied to a record following the MEA’s final confirmation.

Apostille attestation UAE requires just original documents. Copies of reports will not be considered for Apostille. An applicant is required to submit the original documents. The Ministry of External Affairs oversees the process, so the original documents are safe.


Albeit beforehand the Apostille of reports was a clutteredand tedious cycle and needed the support of center specialists like peons and representatives, the Apostille attestation for UAE has become a lot more straightforward at this point. Apostille service providers authorized by the government can now deliver your documents promptly and with minimal effort on your part. They are affordable and enable you to easily monitor the status of your application through them. The Apostille cost and time for document attestation for UAE vary depending on the type of documents, the number of public holidays in between, and other factors. Therefore, before applying, check with your service providers.

There is no need to be concerned about the Apostille procedure in India if you intend to travel abroad and require your documents. After checking the MEA website, simply get in touch with the most dependable service provider nearby and let them handle everything. You may be required to send your request and contact information. An advisor from the service provider’s team will show you how to process your Apostille application once your request has been received.