Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple’s next watch could be the “Apple Watch Series 6” and could be announced in September 2020. Rumors about the product have been rare, but clues in the code and in the iOS 14 patent applications provide an indication of what we can expect to be. portable of the future.

● It could be announced in the fall(Apple Watch Series 6)
● Exclusive calls possible
● Configurations of shared complications
● New plastic model with child regime
● Detection of oxygen in the blood
● ECG enhancements
● Improved water resistance
● Larger battery
● sleep monitoring

The Apple Watch Series 5 has been released with some battery life improvements and an active active display and offers plenty of room for an extensive upgrade to the “Apple Watch Series 6”. New case materials, health features and price options could make this upgrade a necessity when it launches in the fall.Apple Watch Series 6

Apple watch bands

Additional tapes and materials for “Apple Watch Series 6” can be inserted
Apple Watch Series 6 Features
There were no hardware leaks, but the usual rumors and leaked iOS 14 code give us some clues. These are some of the rumors and speculations about the next Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch has come with a lot of materials so far, but new ones can always be added. Previously, there were options for aluminum, stainless steel, 18-carat gold, ceramic and titanium. The “Edition” 18-carat gold watch was sold in limited quantities for the first generation, and the pottery jumped several generations.The latest addition was Titan, which was introduced with the Apple Watch Series 5 and contains black space and standard colors. This added a new price step between stainless steel and the ceramic model.A new plastic Apple Watch could be launched at a lower price than aluminum models. The new entry-level watch serves as a children’s device or as a secondary Apple Watch for those who do not want to damage a more expensive model during work or dangerous sports. also read Apple Glass

The Apple Watch is made of many materials

Plastic would contribute to the already diverse materials of the Apple Watch
Every generation of the Apple Watch has an OLED display. However, this could change with the Apple Watch 2020 with the introduction of microLED. The advantages of OLED have always been the ability to turn off black pixels and save energy, which has led to better contrast and deep black on the screen. Energy savings could be even more significant for microLED, with minimal screen contrast loss.Rumor has it that Apple will not change the display for the 6 series, which means that it expects to stay with OLED in 2020.


Health functions have been the basis of the Apple Watch since its inception. According to some rumors, the new Apple Watch could improve the detection of ECG and oxygen in the blood.Both the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Apple Watch Series 5 can create an electrocardiogram using the Digital Crown. Currently, this feature will not work if your heart rate is increased. However, a new update may resolve this.

The leaked code does not indicate whether the improved ECG is due to watchOS 7 or whether it is the result of new hardware in an updated Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch can perform an EKG

Better ECG hardware in the “Apple Watch Series 6” could save more lives
The other health upgrade is the one I’ve been hearing about for some time. Detection of oxygen in the blood. The hardware for this was available on several Apple Watch models, but was not used. It is also unclear whether Apple can unlock this latent feature with watchOS 7.It is likely that, due to limitations or improvements introduced by the new hardware, the feature will only be available on the latest Apple Watch.

Another feature of the future operating system could be sleep tracking. Since this would mean wearing a watch in bed, a new theoretically, with improved battery life, may be theoretically necessary after wearing all day.A new rumor spread on Twitter suggests that a mental health function may be on the way. It would monitor heart rate and activity and try to see if the wearer is scared. The same leak intensified sleep tracking and a heart rate monitor. Jon Prosser, a well-known leaker, agreed with the accuracy of the tweet.

While Apple has always placed health features at the heart of the Apple Watch, the device seems to complement the health options. http://appleinsider

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