6 Apps Every Homeowner Should Have on Their Phone

iphone apps

iphone apps

Iphone apps: Development in technology has made things more simple and easy. If someone tells you that they control their home from their mobile phones and run it smoothly even when they are not at home, believe me, they are doing it. 

Now with apps on your mobile, you can do it yourself. You can also increase the value of your home as well. Let us have a look at some of the apps that every homeowner should have on their mobile phone.  It also would be great for students to see. If you are one of them don’t forget to check a great possibility for getting an essay for sale from the writers at the time of looking through the list below.

iphone apps

1. HomeZada:

It is free to download the app for tracking the maintenance of your home. It allows homeowners to schedule the recurring maintenance tasks and sending reminders to get them done accordingly. These tasks include HVAC systems maintenance, dirty air filter of the gutters, and many others. Repairing cost is reduced to the efficient maintenance of such a task and this app helps you to do so.

This app also has a feature where a homeowner can create an inventory of home for proper insurance and prepared if there is a need to file any claim.

2. Ring:

The use of smart technology in your home is a confirmed method to increase the value of your home. The ring app that needs to be purchased has smart features for you. This app detects the movement at your door when people approach near and creates a notification on your phone. Video doorbell options allow you to chat with the people at your even if you are not at home.

3. DIY Tip Genius:

A free-to-download app, with some in-app purchased features, provides you coaching you need to perform a small DIY task at your home. Examples of such tasks are fixing a light, replacing an old drawer handle with a new one, and many more. This app has hundreds of tips for you for a lot of DIY projects.

4. Havenly:

It is a purchased app that allows you to design the interior of your home on a limited budget that offers a lot more than Pinterest. You just need to take a quiz in this app that is specifically designed to know your décor preferences. It will recommend relevant interior designers along with their portfolios.

It becomes simple to decorate your space with help of a designer that is now possible on a low budget due to this Havenly app.

5. Handy:

A free-to-download app with different prices for different task allows you to hire help for one-off projects that you find difficult to do yourself at your home. It has professionals with a verified background for different tasks that include complete house cleaning, garbage disposal repairs, and assembling furniture. The best app to run your home smoothly if you cannot perform such tasks yourself.

6. Pantone Studio:

You can subscribe to this app for only $4.99 for a month and $29.99 for a year. If you want to give a new look to your home with fresh paint, this is a perfect app. Spin the color wheel to find different combinations for a perfect look.

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