December 3, 2023


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Apptopia trump bigtechnology !

apptopia trump bigtechnology

apptopia trump bigtechnology

A new report that challenges the accuracy of Triller’s recently announced download numbers has led Triller to respond by threatening legal action. Triller, TikTok’s newest competitor, could benefit from TikTok’s ban. The US is seeking to capitalize on recent events involving its main competitors. Earlier this month, Triller released a press release claiming that new downloads had increased following news of the TikTok ban, which led to the Triller app reaching 250 million global downloads on iOS and Android. Jobs are 65 million monthly separately. However, estimates by mobile data analytics firms and third parties cast doubt on these figures.

Analyst firm Apptopia initially examined Triller’s download count and found that its claim of 250 million downloads was inflated. An Apptopia analysis estimates that the Thriller app has been downloaded 52 million times since its launch on both iOS and Google Play worldwide, 250 million more than Thriller claims.

TechCrunch contacted Triller to comment on Apptopia’s findings. Triller and Apptopia were then connected independently through a joint investor. After an exchange between them, Apptopia decided to withdraw their report.

During this time, Thriller threatened to sue Apptopia for misrepresenting the comments TechCrunch provided.

Triller CEO Mike Lu told TechCrunch in an emailed statement that Apptopia “explicitly allowed itself to become a pawn for these giant conglomerates.” Especially like TikTok, where we actively sue them because they stole our patents.” (Lu refers to the recent lawsuit Triller filed against TikTok for patent infringement.)

“We welcome Apptopia when they reach out to us and help us understand our numbers. And now they’ve become part of our TikTok process,” Lu threatens. “We will sue them for spreading false, misleading and deliberate information,” he said.

This is a rather aggressive response to the App Store download controversy. Industry insiders understand that no app store analytics company has perfectly accurate numbers. meanwhile The average consumer can get a sense of how popular an app is by looking at the public App Store charts.
For more information on the hotly contested number of downloads, We asked mobile analytics firm App Annie and analytics firm App Store Sensor Tower to provide their Triller data. App Annie declines to share downloads. But share ranking information. Meanwhile, data from Sensor Tower shows that Triller has 45.6 million global installs on iOS and Android since launch. That’s still less than the 52 million figure that Thriller fiercely disputes.

Waiting for evaluation

Matthew Kennedy, senior IPO market strategist at research firm Renaissance Capital, said the long wait list indicates that Truth Social needs to invest more in the app. Including hiring staff and creating server space.

“They still have work to do on the product. to say gently There is still some growing pain,” Kennedy said. “Building a social media app is hard.”

Overall, Truth Social has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on the App Store. Many potential users have turned the average down due to the high number of critical reviews.

“Useless app,” one reviewer wrote. “Unable to create login can’t log in Can’t do anything!” …. They have to be Democrats.”

One commenter complained about unresponsive support: “I understand the high demand for this platform. However, if you treat your customers like this after a few months of open learning, you’re welcome. This platform will fail. Live.

Another wrote: “It looks like my 12-year-old son took the lead in developing this app.”

Despite harsh criticism But most of the reviews on the App Store are positive. Some of the 5-star reviews encourage people to be patient: “I’ll wait until I know I’m not censored” and others. Appears to mock the app.

Will the Twitter deal save Trump’s platform?

Trump launched the social media initiative through a special acquisition, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), which went public in October 2021.
Investors supporting Trump’s DWAC can now breathe a sigh of relief. When tech company stocks soar on April 27
This growth is a result of a significant increase in the number of users downloading the app.
DWAC shares peaked at 28 percent on Wednesday and were up 9.19 percent at $44.55 late on business day.
The stock has been volatile lately, having dropped 60% over the past two months.
in a series of tweets Musk apparently got his attention writing about Truth Social, Trump’s social media app.
Trump created the platform as an alternative to Twitter after his account was suspended for violating its terms of use during riots at the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

Truth Social is #1 in the Apple App Store.

Clearly, the deal with Twitter has breathed new life into this organization.
Musk wrote that “Truth Social is currently better than Twitter and TikTok in the Apple Store,” and provided a screenshot of the rankings, with Twitter coming in second and TikTok’s Chinese competitor third.
Musk later suggested the name “Trumpet” for Truth Social.
Trump’s social media brand supporters are in serious trouble.
The cost of acquiring Digital World has dropped 44% since April 4, when Musk first announced his nearly 10% stake on Twitter.
but for now Users may remember Trump’s app being there. Or learn about Twitter’s insights from Trump’s comments.
On April 26, a day after the announcement of the largest tech deal between Musk and Twitter, Trump’s version of Twitter has surpassed 55,000 downloads.
Truth Social’s daily active users rose to 365,000 on April 26, a 20% increase from the week ended April 22.
Top executives leave Trump’s SPAC after Musk’s Twitter connections go public And digital media companies face authentication and user interface issues in general.
Both Google Play and Apple (AAPL) – Get free reports, use app ratings and user ratings in addition to downloads. among other factors When collecting App Store ratings
Calls to boycott and exit Twitter have gone viral on social media since Musk’s deal was announced on April 25.

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