September 21, 2023

Are happy intimate lifestyles and yoga linked?

medix healthcare

medix healthcare

It is well-known that sports can enhance your sexual life, but do you think that certain yoga exercises can impact your intimate life and relationships positively and help you to keep your desires shining and strengthen your body? “Yoga” can be described as an Indian word meaning unity (unity of the body, mind, and thoughts). and the spirit, so the main reason to practise it is to help people become calmer and peaceful.

Recent research has proven that doing an hour of yoga a day can lead to increased ejaculation and overall increased sensual performance. This is because certain yoga postures may work the muscles of your male partner, helping to improve your erection and allow you to remain in bed longer. It boosts testosterone, which increases physical attraction, as per the study The Science of Yoga: The Rewards and Risks.

You have six activities that you need to perform for the duration of your entire personal life.

Spinal extension and flexion

The most effective exercise is that it improves the flow of blood to the pelvic and hip areas and also strengthens the muscles supporting your genitals. This can improve your sexual performance. To have a fast and easy physical interaction, try Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200.

Put on your knees and hands. Use your hands to press and turn the back, remaining conscious of shifting the sitting bones towards those at the back of the legs with the pelvis tilted upwards and lowering the abdomen towards the floor. “Do this 10 times repeatedly,” a yoga instructor at Yoga explained the practise as medicine.


In this move, it is a position where you lie on the ground completely on your stomach with your feet and head touching each other, and you also grip the ground. Then, you raise your shoulders and head.

To perform the cobra, lie down on your stomach, place your hands underneath your shoulders with your elbows pointed toward the back. Keeping them close to your sides Spread your fingers out and then ease your palms beneath your shoulders. Then, you can engage your thighs, then switch to the opposite side, until your kneecaps face downwards and each of your toes touches the bottom. “Push your ankles, toes, and knees as well as your inner thighs towards one another.”

Place your pelvis on the ground. Inhale while you use your core muscles to stretch the spine. Lift your chest off the ground. Bring your shoulder blades downwards towards either side, and utilise your hands to pull (not pull) your body upwards and forwards. Keep the posture for 30 to 120 minutes, or for two sets.


This is one of the most effective and creative yoga postures for those who are just beginning to learn how to improve their pelvic floor muscles.

Place your feet on the floor, with your knees bent and your feet laid flat on the ground with your feet 1.5–two feet away from your hips. Grab your knees by clenching your fists. Remain straight and lean slightly forward.

Keeping the chest elevated and the upper body lifted, press the abdominal and hip muscles towards one another to engage with your core. “Take your knees off and move your arms upwards and forwards, and then your hands.”

Keep working hard to engage your hip flexors as well as your abs. Lift your feet off the floor as well as straighten your legs. Then, pull your sternum towards the ceiling, keeping the spine in a neutral position. Keep the posture, inhale while lengthening the spine, and exhale as you stretch the core. Keep the position for 30 to 90 seconds for 2 sets.

Bridge Poses

“Bridge mode” opens the back and chest areas, improving the flow of blood and oxygen. It also widens and opens the pelvic area, and also enlarges the legs. “Cutting the glutes to the side assists in improving ejaculation as well as blood flow in the genital zone,” he says.

Relax on your back, and place your arms on your sides, palms up. Relax your knees, and then place your feet about hip-width apart, not more than a few inches from your glutes. Intensify your abs and work with your core muscles as you are preparing to raise your hips.

On your exhale, gradually and steadily lift your hips off the ground. Intensify your hip and buttock muscles, and create a shoulder-to-knee alignment. Keep the position, inhaling as you lift your hips, exhaling as you tighten your core. I’m looking ahead to 30 to 120 seconds to get from one to two.


This is a great exercise to improve hip mobility. Stretch your shoulders and chest to strengthen your spine. “The combination of core strength and stretching is great for fitness and pelvic floor engagement,” she said.

Do a mountain pose and keep your big toes overlapping and your ankles about 1 inch away. Bring your hand toward the side to open your chest. Then, raise your left leg, bend your leg in front of you, and then squeeze the leg to push your heel towards your glutes.

Take a step forward with your paw and grab the inner portion of your foot on your left. Straighten your right arm. Push into the ground with your left foot. Inhale as you lengthen your body. Reach the uppermost part of your fingers. Exhale while pressing your left foot tightly to your left. Use this force to expand the hip flexors on your left. Treat erectile dysfunction by using Fildena 100 and Vidalista 20.

Keep the posture, breathing in as you lengthen your body and exhaling as you press further. Keep the position for 30-60 seconds for 2-3 sets. Repeat on the opposite side.


“This exercise brightens the lower back and extremities, boosts the stamina and breathing capacity, and increases the length and width of the pelvic region.” In addition, it increases the genitals’ ability to exert pressure and promotes a high degree of abdominal involvement. It’s all from your core.

Relax while lying on your stomach. Put your arms by your sides, palms down, and straighten your legs. Involving your thighs and core, move your thighs forward until your feet touch the ground.

“Inhale while lifting your arms, legs, and chest off of the ground and exhale as you lengthen your body.” You squeeze the toes deeper into the ear and head. The entire cores as well as the hips are engaged. Use your thighs to squeeze to secure the knees. Then press the toes as hard as they can go while making the legs as long as you can.

“Press arms towards one another to create a connection in the back’s centre and then open the chest.”

Keep the position in place, breathing exhaling inhaling to lift further, then increase the arch and exhale for more distance from your toes until the top. Keep the position for 30 to 60 minutes, and then cut the first set into two sets.

We also suggest that you practise yoga with your partner. Then, you can move through the house, and you’ll be amazed by how easy and enjoyable it will be to stay longer in your bed. Visit: