December 8, 2023


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How Innovative Technology is Improving Auto Dealership Marketing

Auto Dealership Marketing

Auto Dealership Marketing

Auto Dealership Marketing: The traditional automobile models are undergoing a significant transformation due to the latest technological inventions. That’s why the automotive industry has developed its way around customers’ search for buying cars. 

Research shows that 95% of car sales are from auto dealerships. Converting sales as an auto dealership is proven to be better than dealing with cars. This comprehensive sales experience impacts greatly on the entire sale process that differs among dealerships. 

Moreover, auto dealers continuously implement new marking strategies and technologies to drive the business. Therefore, upgrading sales experience is necessary for this industry. In this article, we’ll explain how innovative technology is improving auto dealership marketing.

Engage and Fulfill Customer Expectations

Auto dealerships always try to keep up with the rising expectations of their customers. However, customers’ expectations and demands change with the advancement of technologies. 

Mobile and Cloud technology has made searching and buying cars easier than before. Since digital marketing has evolved its way, customers prefer searching for used or new models, car reviews, car shopping etc., online. 

Thus, it gives them broad visibility and the business also can expand its area. Therefore, it’s important to engage with customers immediately when they’re interested in your deal and fulfill their expectations. Otherwise, it takes a single click to move on to another dealership.

Further, some car dealerships often give you an instant offer to sell a defective or damaged automobile online. They mostly have nationwide networks to pick up such vehicles once you accept their deals. So, if your car has a blown engine, broken frame, bumper scrapes or accidental damage, find such a car dealership, get your offer and sell the car.

Improve Driving Safety with Technology Innovation

Being safe on the road while driving is the primary target of everyone. Thankfully, different latest technology innovations have taken many safety measurements to ensure secure driving.

Automobile companies are using technologies like GPS navigation, Automatic Emergency Braking, adaptive cruise control, backup camera etc. People also are more interested in these features while searching for a car. Therefore, auto dealerships are needed to focus on these rising demands to meet the customers’ criteria.

For example, many cars include a lane change sensor, tire pressure changing sensor or collision control sensor to prevent accidents. Additionally, traction control or emergency brake control also gives the privilege to control your driving.

Digital Communication through Social Media Apps

Social media messaging apps are now a hot trend to communicate. Research shows that 78% of US people prefer message communication with businesses over emails. 

WhatsApp is the top global messaging app used by approx 2 billion users. Similarly, Facebook Messenger currently has 1.3 billion and Snapchat is with 293 million users worldwide. If auto dealerships want to expand and grow their market, it’s wise to consider communicating with potential clients via social media.

Moreover, instant messaging gets a faster response than emails and lowers the chances of misunderstanding. Digital communication, like via WhatsApp, can also get quick attention from the users and provide better reachability. 

Additionally, the automation process allows a chatbot to serve the customers at the first level. So you can invest your human resources in the next level to direct talk to them. In short, it reduces the cost of the dealership. But it’s important to follow the GDPR rules while contacting a target audience through messaging.

Enhance Sales Funnel Conversation

Young generations are fond of cars with the latest innovations. Henceforth, the sales funnel conversation and finance process need to be enhanced to meet the market demand. To do that, auto dealers must overcome the challenges; otherwise, they may lose huge sales at once.

Innovative technology can help to eliminate the problems with Big Data automation. Dealerships can efficiently engage with the car shoppers online via mobile and Cloud technology and increase sales leads through a simplified procedure.

In this way, only pre-approved leads will be processed and customers can avoid in-store financial applications with digital automation. Not to mention, this move will optimize the online sales funnel and make the in-store financing procedure faster, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction. Auto Dealership Marketing

Gain Competitive Advantages and Boost Customer Referrals

Auto dealerships that use innovative technologies to simplify financing matters and overcome car dealing issues are surely improving their marketing strategies. Fixing the common problems for both sales teams and buyers increase client satisfaction. As a result, it leads to referrals.

Customers appreciate the digital financing process as it’s easy, secure and time-saving. Different digital payment systems are now handy where customers can easily do the paperwork and make the payments. 

Therefore, if an auto dealership offers such convenience, customers stay for the long term and refer the dealers to others. It’s a great way to accelerate the business and gain a competitive advantage in the automobile market.  Auto Dealership Marketing


Rapid changing technology, customer demands and high competition can become unavoidable challenges for auto dealers. But if they can adopt advanced marketing strategies, they can cope up with all the problems. 

Luckily, innovative technologies are effectively erasing the common pain points in the auto dealership. As a result, car dealers can optimize their marketing potentials. Auto Dealership Marketing