Best Screen Recorder – How to Record without Watermark?

obs screen recorder

obs screen recorder

There are massive ranges of screen recorders with easy and straightforward methods to record video conferences, webinars, lectures, presentations, games, online classes, films, etc. However, record a clean and long-length video without watermarks isn’t very easy as most screen recorders will record with a watermark. How to record your PC screen into high-quality videos without a watermark easily? iFun Screen Recorder is the best answer to record clean videos without a watermark. Get instant access to a 100% free screen recorder which is available with 24/7 service response. No watermark placed.

 iFun Screen Recorder as a as light screen recorder with a simple built-in video editor, which enables easy screen recording, screen capture, and video editing. There is no got to create an account to access the screen recorder. You have a direct chance to use the online screen recorder with easy and simple approaching parameters to record clean videos without a watermark or downloading.

How to record without a watermark with iFun Screen Recorder?

Get a clean video without watermarks and record your screens for your objectives for which purpose do you need to capture your screens with the help of iFun Screen Recorder.

Step 1: Select the region you would like to record.

Please click the drop-down arrow in the main screen of iFun Screen Recorder and then choose to record a Full Sceen or select a region or window to record. You can also select to record according to fixed ratio or recently used recording size. obs screen recorder

Step2: Customize whether to record audio, mouse, and webcam or not.

It is easy to line whether to also record Speaker, Microphone, Mouse, and Webcam to your video by clicking the On / Off button for every feature within the main screen of iFun Screen Recorder. N/A for a feature means you don’t have the related device installed or connected to your computer.

Steps 3. Customize to record without watermark.

 iFun Screen Recorder allows you to record as long as you wish without time limitations. Meanwhile, you can customize to record with/without a watermark as per your needs. If you want to record without watermark, please just untick Add watermark to video in Settings. To protect your videos from being copied, you can also edit your own watermark to your videos. Note: Edit feature is merely available for professional users.

Step4: Click REC to start the recording after countdown 3 seconds by default.

Step5: Click the Done button or press F9 (by default) to finish recording

Just click the red Done button within the floating toolbar during your recording or press the default hotkey F9 to finish your recording without watermark. It is so easy to record a video without having a watermark by iFun Screen Recorder for free, right? iFun Screen Recorder as an online screen recorder is often helpful to form unique and attractive videos for your own objectives. There is an easy model to record your videos by using the newest technology assistive tools. There are numerous options to record your screens, stop and save screen videos to your computer. Record your PC or other device screens full of your confidence levels to proceed obs screen recorder with an easy and simple iFun Screen Recorder. Get the best chance to create unique videos, capture screens, and take screenshots to use the best-recommended screen recorder to meet your needs to record without watermark.

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