December 2, 2023


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Bestgore con (Or) Bestgore com

Bestgore con

Bestgore con

Bestgore con: is a nasty website where visitors may watch films of gang killings, women being tortured,
and body parts being maimed – anything to make people sick to their stomachs.
The material is unpleasant, and most of it is true. But does Best Gore’s 38-year-old owner, Mark Marek, deserve to go to jail?

Mark Marek owns, a Canadian shock site that features very violent real-life news,
photographs, and videos, as well as published opinion and user comments. Following the uploading
of a video depicting a real-life murder perpetrated by Luka Magnotta, the site gained global
notice in 2012. As a result, Marek was arrested and charged with damaging public morals under Canada’s obscenity statute.

Mark Marek, a Slovak-Canadian, founded the site on April 30, 2008, and it features explicit,
real-life photos and video footage of incidents such as murders, suicides, torture, mutilations,
and accidents. Bestgore is presently the most popular shock site in the world, with an estimated
10–15 million monthly visitors. There are articles espousing conspiracy theories and revisionist history,
such as holocaust denial, as well as real-life footage and images, with source material from
David Irving and Ursula Haverbeck, among others. Anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist sentiments have been expressed on the website. Bestgore con

Lin Jun’s assassination

The website was chastised in June 2012 for hosting the horrific video 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick,
which displays the mutilation of a corpse following Luka Magnotta’s murder of Lin Jun.
Marek first denied orders to remove the video from the site, according to police, while Marek stated,
“Without being asked, I took it down on my own terms. If police had made a request to take it down,
as claimed, I would have simply told them that the video has been taken down for days.
According to Gil Zvulony, a Toronto-based Internet lawyer, “the evidence justified the laying of obscenity charges against”
“There’s no such thing as a true crime when no one is aware of it, but once they were aware of it and
allowed it to be on there, that, in my opinion, is when a crime was committed.”