September 30, 2023

Bobby Lee Tijuana Story !

bobby lee tijuana story

bobby lee tijuana story

Bobby Lee was born on September 17, 1971 in San Diego, California, USA, he is 51 years old, his real name is Robert Lee Jr. He is a very popular comedian. People love to watch it. List of the world’s most famous comedians. His comedy style is “surveillance , blue and dark comedy”. He started his comedy career in 1994. Bobby Lee’s father is Robert Lee and his mother is Janie Lee.

Bobby is loved by many people. One of the best comedians ever. He dropped out of Palomar College in his sophomore year and did not compete for a degree. His net worth is 10 million USD and also acted in many films and TV series. His first film was an underground comedy in 1999, after which he starred in many blockbusters. His first television series was Mad TV 2001-2009.

Bobbi Lee’s Tijuana Story is a story that reporter Bobbi Lee has told several times on various podcasts (most notably the 2014 DVDASA podcast episode, The Jail Sex Allegations and “Professional Portman ” which was 12 years old at the time when it was shot. According to Lee, the girl started crying during sex and was “nursing.” Lee said in an episode of the Tigerbelly podcast that she couldn’t believe it.

On November 27, 2014, Bobby Lee appeared on episode 71 of the DVDASA podcast with David Choi and Asa Akira. In this episode, he tells a story that warns him that it could ruin Bobby Lee’s career. He said he worked at a restaurant in Tijuana, and that there was a park called “the hook strip” where the jacks were, but he didn’t know how old they were. He said hehad “never seen a girl” he was young at the time . “I’m not that young, I don’t know how old,” Lee said, adding that he saw a girl staring at a brick wall and realized she belonged to him. The girl allegedly grabbed him and asked him if he wanted to have sex, to which he agreed and they entered the room together.

Lee describes turning off the lights, burning the condom, and chilling. At one point during sex, he was seen shaking his head and crying with “bubbles” in his nose. He says he “did what everyone else did” and “the power prevented him.” The hosts joke about Lee with the story, and Asa jokes, “Maybe he wasn’t a thief, maybe he was waiting for his mother.” Lee later said he didn’t like the situation.

Bobby Lee later told the story several more times on various podcasts over the years.On July 15, 2016, Lee shared the story in an excerpt from his YouTube album Tigerbelly, which has more than 164,000 views in seven years.

In early 2023, many videos were uploaded to TikTok to expose Bobby Lee’s behavior, suggesting that the story is true.On Dec. 15, 2022, TikToker shared Lee’s version of the “pedo” story, which has garnered more than 2.4 million views in four months. On January 9, 2023, TikToker @thepodcastpapi posted a video of Teo Ona’s performance that garnered over 1.4 million views in two months.

Answer by Ethan Klein

On January 27, 2023, YouTuber Reggie Condoms re-uploaded a clip from the members-only podcast H3, in which Klein responds to viewers asking his thoughts on the story.Several times ,lee has appeared on the H3 Podcast . Klein said he spoke to Lee about the incident, and Lee described it as funny, “black” and “rogue.” Klein said his only source of information was Lee, that no one else was accusing him, and that he had no second-hand information, so there was nothing he could do. If Bobby Lee was actually telling the story as a true story, he says he would be “surprised” because it’s dark and serious.

Bobby Lee Response

The story picked up in April 2023 when the media picked it up and reported on it, notably on Cracked and USA Today.

On April 5, 2023, Bobby Lee spoke about this story on the Tijuana Belly podcast episode, “The Tijuana Bobby Lee Story” (featured below). However, he says the story is a joke.

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