December 3, 2023


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Building Your Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2022

video editor for Instagram

video editor for Instagram

Video editor for Instagram : Do you know that more than 80% of profiles on Instagram follow at least one business account? Instagram is a great place for marketers that offers high returns. Also, Instagram is highly popular among millennials. According to reports, more than 50% of millennials rely on social media sites to discover fashion trends. Be it a fashion business or any other type of business; one can attract customers via Instagram. You will need a pre-defined marketing strategy to grow your business on Instagram. Read on to know how to build your Instagram marketing strategy for 2022. 

Focus on increasing your followers on Instagram 

Increasing your Instagram follower base should be part of your marketing strategy. The people who will see your promotional postings are your followers. You won’t be able to get your promotional posts viewed if you don’t have a huge number of Instagram followers, and you won’t be able to create sales with your Instagram marketing campaigns. Customers who follow you on Instagram may be able to follow you if you already have a business. If you’re a new business, buying Instagram followers is a wonderful way to increase your account’s visibility and credibility while also increasing engagement.

For increasing your follower count, you should focus on the reasons that drive Instagram users to follow a business account. Some of the top reasons that compel users to follow a business account on Instagram are as follows: 

• Users follow a business profile if they are interested in their offerings. 

• Users follow a business profile on Instagram if they are interested in promotions. 

• Business profiles on Instagram that share entertaining posts also gain followers. 

• You can gain Instagram followers if you offer incentives to customers. 

• Instagram users that are interested in any specific industry may also follow business profiles related to that industry. 

• Many users follow a business account on Instagram to communicate with them. 

• Some users follow a business account on Instagram because their friends follow it. 

Use a video editor for Instagram in 2022 

Videos should be an indispensable part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Around 25% of advertisements on Instagram are videos. Videos have the highest conversion rate and can create a buzz about your product/service on Instagram. However, you need to create entertaining videos to catch the attention of users on Instagram. If your promotional videos are not entertaining or of high quality, users may skip them. 

To make high-quality marketing videos, you will need a professional video editing tool. Social media experts suggest that an Instagram video editor can help in creating high-quality content. One may think of making Instagram videos via build-in editing options offered by PCs and smartphones. By doing so, you cannot add a professional touch to your Instagram videos via the built-in editing features of PCs and smartphones. It is why you need an Instagram video editor like InVideo that can add a professional touch to your Instagram marketing content. 

A video editor can let you add music, animation, filter, sticker, and transition to your Instagram videos in no time. Many businesses overlook the usage of Instagram video editors while drafting their marketing strategy. Instead, they focus on hiring video editing experts for creating Instagram video content. By using a video editor, a business can save costs that will be given to video editing experts. 

Create a lasting first impression 

Whenever a user visits a business account on Instagram, it can only see a few things. The first things seen by a user on Instagram are the profile biography, recent posts, profile picture, and profile name. Make sure you create lasting first impressions on Instagram users with an eye-catching profile name and picture. Also, your Instagram bio should be catchy and provide all the information needed to the user. Your Instagram bio should specify the focus area of your business. These little things are often overlooked by businesses while designing their marketing strategies. However, these little things can make a huge difference in generating sales via Instagram. 

Plan your Instagram content in advance 

While building your marketing strategy on Instagram, you should plan your schedule for posting content. You need to decide beforehand whether you will post daily, weekly, or at any other frequent interval. Many marketers create many posts in advance for their Instagram account and share them at regular intervals. To generate sales via Instagram posts, you need to be consistent. If you vanish after sharing one post and come back after weeks, you might lose followers on Instagram. It is why you should plan your Instagram marketing content for better results.

Include all types of Instagram content in your marketing strategy 

Business accounts on Instagram need to interact with their followers continuously. It can be done when a business account shares all types of content on Instagram. On Instagram, you can share photos and videos in your profile feed. A business account should also share stories on Instagram that disappear after a day. You can also share IGTV videos on Instagram to gain some more followers. 

Sharing different types of content on Instagram will keep your followers engaged. Also, you will convert followers into genuine customers/clients by sharing different types of content on Instagram. 

Build relationships with customers on Instagram 

The main motive of your Instagram marketing strategy is to enhance your sales. However, you don’t need to follow a blatant sales tone in all your Instagram posts. Instead, you can build a healthy relationship with your followers by sharing customer-centric posts. Once you have won the trust of your followers on Instagram, your sales will be boosted automatically. Start by interacting with Instagram users and answering their queries. You can make product videos that answer the pain points of users on Instagram. Many businesses also share customer stories and testimonial videos on Instagram to gain the trust of customers. 

Final words

While building your Instagram marketing strategy for 2022, you need to focus on the preferences of your customers. If you are fulfilling the wishes of customers, you can boost your business with Instagram. Use these strategies for marketing your content to the optimum, and start strategizing now!