December 3, 2023


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Buy a Smartphone with High RAM Size this Festive Season

in another world with my smartphone

in another world with my smartphone

Modern smartphones use cutting-edge technology. The rate at which smartphone technology is evolving has been quite remarkable. Every new generation is a leap forward into something bigger and better. It’s no surprise that the year 2020 saw a significant number of updates to features that have made smartphones more efficient, enhanced productivity, and delivered better user experience. One major upgrade has been with respect to RAM capacities. 

If you are still rocking an older generation mobile with less RAM or an outdated processor, chances are you will miss out on a number of crucial features. We look at a few reasons why upgrading to a new smartphone with higher RAM is a great idea. This list will feature some of the benefits of buying a phone with 6GB RAM or more, and why it makes for  a compelling reason to upgrade your phone.

#1 Better Usability 

An increase in RAM size is perhaps the biggest noticeable upgrade to modern smartphones. Most manufacturers advertise their range of smartphones (low and high-end) based on RAM capacity. And rightly so; using RAM as the benchmark is a relatively easy way for consumers to gauge a device’s relative performance. 

Nonetheless, the need for higher RAM on smartphones is obvious. With the advent of modern applications and games that are intuitively developed to engage the user, the need for the likes of 6GB RAM mobile capacity has risen significantly. For that matter, everyday applications like Uber and Amazon, though convenient, are extremely RAM-hungry. Having a smartphone that can handle these tasks with ease will result in a superior user experience.      

#2 Power Packed Performance

Most high capacity RAM mobile phones are mated to powerful processors. Because much like RAM, processors play a crucial role in how a smartphone performs. Smartphones today come with a host of multicore processors that offer different levels of performance and efficiency. The key takeaway for processor launches in 2020 was the higher efficiency (they use less power) and better graphics capabilities.

The introduction of the latest generation SoC (system on a chip) has brought in a wide range of possibilities not seen before. You can expect better graphics in addition to greater battery life, thanks to the higher efficiency that processors offer.

#3 Affordability

With market competition heating up, smartphone manufacturers are forced to add specs like higher RAM while maintaining optimal costs. So along with the latest tech, buyers also can expect significantly lower prices this holiday season. This is great news, especially for buyers on a tight budget. It’s easy to find some of the best smartphones under 15000 INR.

#4 Extended Battery Life

Although higher RAM capacity often results in more battery consumption, modern smartphones have become more efficient. This is primarily due to the increase in battery capacities. Most modern phones are powered by batteries that start at 4000mAh and can go as high as 7000mAh, or even higher. This reduces the number of charge cycles a user will have to endure over a period of time. If you are someone who doesn’t charge your smartphone often, having the extended battery life will come as a lifesaver. Under most conditions, you can expect a full day’s use, and sometimes even more.

#5 Fast Charging

In addition to batteries on higher RAM devices getting bigger, smartphone chargers are getting more powerful with every new generation. High capacity RAM smartphones offer a range of fast charging options that begin at 15W and can go up to 45W, as seen in the 8GB RAM OnePlus 8T smartphone. This ensures a drastic reduction in charging time, as low as 35 min, between 1% battery life to 85% battery life. If you are someone who is constantly on the move or finds it difficult to spend extended periods of time charging your phone, the fast charging feature is something you will most likely find useful.   

#6 Smart Cameras

This list of benefits of high capacity RAM smartphones wouldn’t be complete, without the mention of cameras. In addition to higher RAM capacities, the camera is, without a doubt, one feature that most modern smartphones have seen significant upgrades. This is primarily in keeping with the growing demands for higher image and video quality.

Today’s smartphones come with quadruple or penta camera configurations in the rear that go as high as 108 megapixels, and dual cameras in the front. What’s more, these smartphones come with a whole host of software upgrades that enhance image quality. Some would go as far as to say that the days of handheld cameras are behind us.

If you are planning to purchase the latest 6GB RAM mobile, but are hesitant because of the price tag, you can now use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, and purchase your favourite model without any down payment. Just use the EMI Network Card to convert the cost of the smartphone into monthly instalments, and choose a term that is convenient for you.

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