September 26, 2023

Buy Crypto in Turkey: 4 Most Commonly Asked Questions

buy Crypto in Turkey

buy Crypto in Turkey

Many people who buy cryptocurrency do so with some questions in mind. The goal is to satisfy their interest about a variety of topics while also gaining a deeper understanding of some crypto-related topics. The prevalence of scamming, security concerns, and transaction costs are just a few of these subjects. This article will examine critically the four most common queries from cryptocurrency users planning to buy crypto in Turkey. 

How Can You Buy Crypto in Turkey Safely?

The safest method to buy crypto in Turkey is in person at a physical exchange office. Transacting in person is only recommended at an in-person exchange for security reasons. You can conduct transactions in a conducive and highly secure atmosphere at a physical cryptocurrency exchange office. Additionally, they have security measures in place to deter theft and money laundering. 

In comparison, it is easy to be scammed by trading in person with individuals you do not know well. The absence of a middleman in the transaction between you and the seller raises the risk. Due to this, you run the risk of becoming a victim of scams and losing both your money and assets if you trade in person with an individual who you have only met online.

What Is the Lowest Amount of Cryptocurrency You Can Buy in Turkey?

Some crypto newbies who want to buy crypto in Turkey frequently ask this question. The minimum amount of cryptocurrency you can buy in Turkey varies based on the method you use. The two most popular purchasing options are exchanges and peer-to-peer services. Exchanges can be used offline or online. The exchange service determines the minimum quantity that can be purchased using their platform. For example, $50 USD is the smallest purchase to buy crypto in Turkey at NakitCoins. 

When Buying Crypto in Turkey, Do You Have to Pay a Network Fee?

No, you do not pay a network charge when you buy crypto in Turkey or anywhere else in the world. The seller is responsible for covering the network fee. The reason is that when a cryptocurrency asset is sent from one wallet to another, a network fee is levied. You are unaffected by the network fee because you are only receiving and not sending.

Can You Avoid Bank Fees Whenever You Want to Buy Crypto in Turkey?

Yes, it is feasible for you to avoid bank fees whenever you buy crypto in Turkey or any other nation. Purchasing with fiat money is the only method to accomplish this. You can use an offline peer-to-peer trading platform where you meet the seller in person to purchase with fiat currency, or you can go to a physical cryptocurrency office that takes fiat currency. There are two physical cryptocurrency exchange companies in Turkey where you can purchase any kind of cryptocurrency using fiat currency. These are NakitCoins and Coinsfera.


The questions that this article examines are extremely important. Understanding them will enable you to make informed decisions about where to buy crypto in Turkey and provide you with other important knowledge. 

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