December 2, 2023


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Buy VU 32 Inch TV at Best Price

VU 32 Inch TV

VU 32 Inch TV


A modern household is incomplete without a smart TV. But not everyone can invest a large amount in buying a glamorous TV. The 32-inch VU TV is, therefore, one of the best budget TVs in India. Its picture quality is comparable to some of the best TVs in the world. You can watch content from the plethora of OTT platforms that come pre-installed. On the other hand, you can also experience smooth gaming sessions with the TV. VU offers all of this and more at only Rs. 19,000. 

Here is everything you need to know about the vu tv 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart TV (32SM).

  1. Perfect display

This 32-inch VU smart TV is the perfect size for standard bedrooms and living rooms. It is neither too small to make you squinch your eyes nor is it too big to be accommodated in typical Indian households. It is also an extremely slim TV with a thin bezel, making it a perfectly modern device to place in your room. 

  1. Amazing picture quality

The 32-inch VU Ultra smart TV has a 32-inch display with a resolution of 720p. With the amazing screen resolution, the TV captures the most minute details on the screen. With this brilliant clarity, you can get the feeling of watching a football match in the stadium from the comfort of your couch. The TV produces bright images and has much less flickering than most TVs. All in all, the quality of the pictures is impeccable. 

  1. Cutting-edge processor 

Behind the TV’s seamless performance is its powerful quad-core processor. The multi-core processor adjusts the contrast ratio of every frame to produce deeper blacks and brighter whites. This brings an increased depth to the movies and shows you watch. Scenes shot in dark set-ups look breathtakingly beautiful when seen on this TV. You can also turn on the TV’s specially designed “Cinema Mode” to get a theatrical experience at night. Furthermore, the model’s Natural Mode is usually suited to give you the best experience while watching during the daytime. The pictures are bright enough to make an impact even when the sun is shining in all its glory.

The processor’s phenomenal noise elimination algorithm should also be mentioned. The Digital MPEG Noise Reduction technology filters any unwanted brightness or colour changes in the images. Thus, the images you see are extremely organic and closest to their natural forms. Additionally, the advanced processor also upscales low-resolution images to make them more crisp and vibrant. 

  1. Access to OTT platforms

As every good smart TV should, the 32-inch VU smart TV comes pre-installed with a wide range of OTT apps. This includes the usual list of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar etc., where you can find world-class content. Additionally, you can also find platforms like Eros Now and Hungama Play which offer content for Indian users. You can also download any app you like from the Google Play Store.

  1. Remote control with hotkeys

This smart TV from VU is the epitome of convenience. Apart from the tons of pre-installed apps, the TV’s remote also contains hotkeys for directly taking you to Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Netflix. Being some of the most-watched apps, having them at your fingertips is always convenient. 

  1. Linux operating system

The TV uses the Opera operating system, which is a simple and secure Linux-based operating system. The interface is quick and allows you to do other tasks even while watching a movie. 

  1. Dynamic sound quality 

What’s a good TV without great sound quality? This 32-inch VU Ultra Smart TV is equipped with a dual 20W box speaker system that produces rich and dynamic sound. The TV has different modes like Standard, Music, Theater, Speech and Late Night that are configured to give you the best experiences in each case. The Music mode is ideal to give your favourite songs a great boost. The Speech mode, on the other hand, takes extra care to make the sounds tonally accurate. This is done by distinguishing background noises from dialogues and giving them a different texture.

The powerful sound system is also powered by Dolby Digital’s amazing technique that produces crisp and clear sound. Its multi-channel sound can give you the exact feeling of watching movies or shows in a theatre where the sounds come from different directions. 
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