September 30, 2023

Choosing the Best AC Covers 2021 – A Comprehensive Review

AC Covers

Air conditioners are of various types now as window units, central air-conditioning units, tower ACs, and so on. When exposed to extreme weather conditions and temperatures, air conditioning is an inevitable need. Having good air conditioning is essential during summer, but during winter, it may be difficult to remove and store it somewhere. You may also worry about your outdoor unit on split ACs as to how to protect it from environmental elements. In order to avoid such issues, it is ideal to consider putting a good cover on the AC unit.

This article will help those who find value in getting a good AC cover to protect it when not in use. Even though the air conditioner units are built to bear with the hard tests of winter conditions, adding an extra layer of protection can surely contribute to your air conditioner’s better performance and longer life. If you are on the bandwagon of homeowners who want to add on an additional layer of protection to AC units, here are some tips.

What to look for while choosing AC covers?

Here are some quick tips on buying AC covers. Look for features as:

  • Waterproof material.
  • Reinforced padded handles.
  • Custom buckles.
  • Adjustable cover material.
  • Weather-resistant covering at the bottom.
  • UV and heat protection.
  • Choice of fabric as polyester woven or vinyl etc.
  • Interlocking seams for strength.
  • Compatibility.

When to use AC covers?

As we discussed above, most of the AC units are already made to withstand extreme weather conditions as summer, winter, snowfall, heavy wind, etc., but you may consider covering it up for maintenance. It will help save your air conditioner during inclement weather conditions, especially when it is not in use. When we say inclement weather, it is not just about winters, but if you are living in the coldest states of the US and Canada, you should consider an AC cover to protect it from blizzards, hailstorms, or any other winter calamities.

Not just from weather conditions, but an AC cover is also meant to protect the unit from other harmful elements too which may cut down the life of your valuable investment and cause some early damages to it like:

  • Pest infestations and rodents attacking the exterior and interior parts.
  • Moisture accumulation on the surface and inside, causing rust and damages to the electronic parts.
  • Seepage of water causing damages.
  • Dirt and mud are settling on the unit, which may be sucked inside while in use.
  • Dust and wind may cause damage to the surface of your unit, which can be blocked with a good cover on.

However, it is not recommended to use a cover-up on the AC unit all winter long. Doing this also may bring some risks. You need to just protect it while you see the rough patches are coming on. Usually, air conditioner covers are meant to help preserve your unit for the next summer season, so you need to purchase a cover that will ensure safety and durability.

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