How to Create Creative Social Media Post that Get More Views

creative post

creative post

Creative post: Both large and small-scale brands and organizations use social media daily to connect with their target audience. It creates better consumer/brand relationships, raises awareness, generates leads, and improves conversion rates.

Having engaged social media followers allows brands to effectively promote their campaigns, new services and products, and initiatives. But simply having a bulk of followers does not indicate success. Your posts should be interesting enough to persuade your followers to read and click on provided links. The idea is to build a genuine community for your business.

The best social media strategy will help you amass active fans who like, share, and comment on your posts. This level of engagement ultimately initiates sales in the long run. Although it takes hard work to build the ideal social media for commercial means, the efforts will be worth it. But what sort of social media content will manage to accomplish such results? We reached out to our incredible social media team at Creative Branding Agency Dubai – GoUp to find the answer.

Start a contest

Holding contests is one surefire way to persuade new or silent followers to actively participate. Keep experimenting with different types of contests on you social networks. Following are a few trending ideas:

  • Captioning contests: you either have to choose a best caption in the comments or the one with most likes win.
  • Photo contests: same rule applies as above.
  •  Comment to win: Participants need to answer a question or leave a comment on the post.
  • Fill-in-the-blank: Ask for participants to join in a trivia answering.

 Promote the contest through email, on your website, and on social media platforms themselves. The prizes you give should be your own products or relevant to the services you offer. Make sure your contest does not go against any rules and regulations of your chosen social media platform. Following up with the entrants who don’t win also builds a favorable reputation for your brand. Thank them, share a relevant tidbit about your business, and encourage future participation.

Include visuals with all posts

High performing social media posts are defined by visuals. A vibrant, eye-catching graphic or image accompanying your posts always have an effect. Here are some statistics to help you understand their importance:

  • Content that has relevant pictures attached gets 94% more views than that without.
  • In comparison to content without images, visual posts increase 40% chances of being shared by users.
  • On Instagram, surveys show that images showing faces get 38% more likes.

There are now great tools like Canva available online to help you in this area. Or better yet, you can get assistance from professional graphic designer Dubai to have beautifully tailored content exclusive to every post. Investing on experts here can elevate your social media channels to new heights of success.

Share more video content

Sharing videos can attract the most engagement on any social media platform. It is highly recommended that you post a video directly on your account instead of sharing an external link. This will enable your video to autoplay when users are scrolling through and automatically grab their attention. The more views there are the more engagement, increased reach, and exposure your brand will acquire. creative post

Proactive listening and responding to followers

According to studies, 71% Twitter followers, and 83% Facebook followers, expect same-day responses from the brands they interact with. Moreover, there are 32% users on Twitter want responses under thirty minutes!

The pressure is considerable here but as a business you must cater to your potential clients. In order to provide excellent user experience on all your social media channels be as responsive as possible. Listen politely and genuinely to their complaints or requirements, even if their treatment of you is not similar. Respond firmly if you need to but always stay courteous. And above all, send timely responses.

Also publicly recognize those users who frequently share, like, and mention your brand in their posts. Also thank the followers who comment most on your content and are active participants. If you’re online community feels heard and acknowledge they are likely to turn into genuine fans from mere followers. And you cannot get more loyal ambassadors on social media than dedicated fans.

Change profile and cover photos often

These are the most viewed elements on your profile and the first impression a visitor gets of your brand. They aren’t mere images but tools that showcase how you have impacted the community.

Consider changing your Facebook profile picture at least once a month and always add a hard-hitting caption. Twitter profile and banner images are best for highlighting your finest moments as an organizations. Refrain from just posting stretched out visuals of your logo as a banner. Humanizing, personalizing, and customizing each channel will trigger genuine interest from users in your brand.

Write appealing captions

We have already highlighted how important visuals are. But that does not mean your caption quality can be overlooked. Words matter equally if you want users to stay and consider interacting with your brand.

While writing caption, always start with a “hook” sentence. It has to be shocking, humorous, intriguing, or informative enough to persuade people to read further. Use precise, and well-chosen vocabulary to get your message across. Also make sure that you remain true to your brand’s vibe. Even if the post is about general awareness link it with the values your brand stands for. creative post

Captions which include emojis and hashtags, do especially well on Instagram. It takes some research to get your hashtags right as they should not be random. Nor is it wise to just latch on to those which are currently trending. Unless they are directly connected to your content or niche. A balanced combination of popular, personal branding, and industry related hashtags are more appealing to Instagram algorithm.

Encourage tagging

Encouraging people to tag others can prove to be an effective engagement strategy. You can ask them to tag other people who will enjoy that specific content or benefit from it.

For instance, post something inspiring and caption it “Tag a loved one who needs this”. If sharing a special post for occasions or events, encourage users to tag family or anyone who means a lot to them. The tagged ones will then enter into your community and are likely to become a follower. But this strategy should be used sparingly because there is a risk of it being perceived as spam.

Create posts acknowledging trending topics and current events

Do some research on daily basis to find out which topics are trending for the day. Find those which are spreading awareness about a vital issue or related to your niche. Then create a post and hashtag around it. For example, using a #MondayMotivation when sharing an inspiring quote for that day. Or addressing an ongoing humanitarian issue by adding its pertaining hashtag like #BlackLivesMatter. creative post


Focus on being as real and honest as possible in your posts. Showing a genuine interest in the world and creating social awareness through your brand makes you more relatable. As a business, it is important to create a friendly and thoughtful persona which people find easy to interact with. Just follow our tips and you are bound to see a noticeable increase in engagement rates!

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