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Cyber Ghost VPN review

cyberghost vpn review reddit

cyberghost vpn review reddit

cyberghost vpn review reddit: Cyber Ghost has still proved that it is a VPN provider that takes user privacy seriously. One of the most powerful and its excellent security, streaming, and torrenting features, although there are some areas to improve. CyberGhost doesn’t work in China. The only disappointment I have is due to the lack of consistency between its desktop and mobile apps. Cyber Ghost can opt for a couple of reasons. According to my opinion, the topmost reasons are the cheapest price and multiple features. No logging means it collects a limited amount of information about your connection and ensures that this data is anonymized and impossible to trace back to specific users. This information is deleted after 24 hours and the monthly sum is deleted at the end of every month. Even the best VPN services log some operational data to maintain their network and there is nothing stored on CyberGhost’s servers that could be used to compromise your privacy. cyberghost vpn review

No Time? Here’s a Quick Summary of Key Results

Data CapNo
Logging PolicyAnonymus server usage data
Data LeaksNo
JurisdictionRomania(Eu member)
IP AddressesNot disclosed
Works In ChinaNo
Support24/7 live chat
Cheapest Price$2.75/mo over 3 years


cyberghost vpn review
  • The company privacy policy state it’s a no-logging VPN service, detailing that neither logs and nor knows which user access the Vpn service.
  • Cyber Ghost will itself disconnect you from an encrypted network if it’s not secured and automatically connects you to a preferred server.
  • The whitelisted will bypass the tunnel, which is quite good for streaming locally without full disconnection.
  • Cyberghost also feels proud of himself as it is one of the few torrent-enabled VPNs, with committed servers to help balance traffic that is displayed in the desktop app.
  • You can set up Cyber Ghost to automatically join a relevant network when launching your torrent client.

Cyber Ghost provides some extra interesting security features that differentiate it from another competitor cyberghost vpn review reddit


cyberghost vpn review

Positive Points

  • Fast same country download speed
  • Unlock Netflix, iplayer, and many more
  • Support torrenting and P2P traffic
  • User Friendly for apps, Mac And android
  • Innovative token-based dedicated IP system
  • Negative Points
  • Slower long-distance speed
  • Limited features on mobile and macOS
  • Don’t work with Chrome-book
  • Adblocker is not effective
cyberghost vpn review

CyberGhost Growth

With more than 10 million users globally, CyberGhost VPN is in top demand and is approved as VPN solutions. Found in Romania and Germany. Cyber Ghost network has developed itself more over the years. Now constituted of more than 6,400 servers over 90 countries, many of which are torrent accessible. It gives a competitive edge in price also, it is selected by the security-conscious people, as well as those who want to access to streaming media and protect them while torrenting. lootbear

Interface and in use

Setup and installation in a desktop client and mobile device are quite easy. You may face an obstacle while setting up your open VPN configuration as it is a lengthy process that includes individual configuration although you get a lot more control. We experienced that interface is lightweight and easy to use with essential key elements like connection status, list of locations. And provide the additional panel on the right give some extra features. Easy server access is granted. by a system tray icon, with available servers, and submenus for torrenting, streaming, and favorites.  cyberghost vpn review reddit cyberghost vpn review


The user understanding has a huge number of articles but the content can be improved many guides are old-fashioned and most of them are poorly translated in English. We weren’t delighted with some of the advice to be found in the article.               

The live chat support is a satisfying element. It can be easily accessed by the following steps:                                

  • By clicking on the support                                                                                                                       
  • Now Entering Keyword                                                                                                                                                
  • And  then hitting the live chat

Pricing And Discount

                   Best CyberGhost Deals

TWO YEARS$202.5878%

So planning to use a VPN for a longer period with Cyber Ghost can help you save money. The most costly plan is the monthly plan, which costs$12.99/mo, which is surely a higher price to spend on VPN service. However, the price may go down with using Cyberghost VPN Coupon Codes  and Deals. Taking a plan for a year brings the monthly price down to $5.99/mo, while the two-year or three-year plan can cost you much less: $3.69/mo to 5.99/mo.It just costs $90 for three years of VPN, making it one of the best cheap VPN services available. While Cyber Ghost also offers a 24-hour free trial, which is a kind act of generosity. It also gives an advantage for a 14 day or 45 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like all the services and servers. Cyber Ghost accepts payments by credit card and PayPal. cyberghost vpn review reddit cyberghost vpn review

Is CyberGhost safe?                      

CyberGhost is the gold standard, a crowdsourced option that’s being constantly updated to avoid surveillance. CyberGhost give more than average safety and privacy for its users. It does not trade any user information to third parties DMCA or police. Uses reliable AES-256 bit encryption. You can choose from Plenty of trustworthy protocols with CyberGhost. It also provides leak protection as it offers DNS and IP leak protection in his app. The switch is automatically switched on even if you are a VPN newbie you are protected even without worrying about it. From my perspective, I won’t recommend to turn off these settings.

Is CyberGhost any good?                 

CyberGhost is one of the topmost vendors with extraordinary powerful window clients are packed with many features and is also user friendly the mobile clients are not there much but still are decent enough also watching Netflix and unblocking through to quality and speedy live chat support.  cyberghost vpn review          

  Is CyberGhost VPN free?   

Cyber Ghost is a commercial VPN but now provide offers to the new subscriber for a six-month trial with a risk-free money-back guarantee in 45 days period. A trial period allows users to test out everything provided by the provider. The free server service is limited to 15 countries only and apposing to 31 paid services in the countries.                             

  Can CyberGhost unblock Netflix?    

When you’re at home or traveling, with CyberGhost VPN, you will be able to unblock Netflix with there dedicated services and app they make sure you can access Netflix on any device or operating system.                         

Why do people use CyberGhost? 

People use Cyber Ghost because they can give better deals online. One of the benefits is that you can save money while buying airfares or tickets you get the cheapest price.

CyberGhost Final Verdict

At the end of the day, CyberGhost Vpn is proof that you don’t need to spend all your pocket to enjoy all the VPN’s leading services and features. Cyber Ghost provides some extra interesting security features that differentiate it from another competitor. You get access to one of the biggest server fleets in the VPN industry; you can unblock all major streaming services and enjoy state-of-the-art data privacy on up to 7 devices.

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