September 22, 2023

Data-driven Insights: Key Metrics for Google Local Services Campaigns

google adwords auction insights

google adwords auction insights

Imagine having an extraordinary platform that allows local businesses to connect with potential customers in their area. That’s exactly what Google Local Service Ads does. But to make the most of this super platform, businesses need to focus on certain metrics that can indicate how well the ads are performing. However, optimizing Google AdWords Service can be a head-scratcher, especially when you are unfamiliar with the metrics that make all the difference. That’s why, our team of experts has curated this blog to help you understand the 10 critical metrics that businesses need to focus on to ensure that their Google Local Service Ads campaign is working smoothly. These metrics will give you all the data you need to optimize your campaigns. So join us as we explore the world of metrics that matter the most in the world of Google Local Service Ads to unlock the full potential of the platform.

10 critical Metrics for Google Local Service Ads

The number of Charged leads:

When it comes to Google Local Service Ads campaigns, knowing the number of charged leads is a metric that separates winners from just participants. Charged leads are the number of leads that have been converted into paid customers. Paying attention to the number of charged leads provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your ads, allowing you to make necessary modifications that can boost your ROI. It is important to keep an eye on the number of charged leads and watch your business grow.

The total amount charged for leads:

Another important metric for businesses running Google Local Service Ads campaigns is the total amount charged for leads. This metric provides insight into the total revenue generated by your campaign. Tracking this metric gives you a deeper understanding of the ROI of your ad campaigns and identifies the areas for improvement. This can help businesses boost their revenue while maximizing their ROI.

The number of bookings:

The number of bookings indicates the number of appointments or bookings made by potential customers as a result of your ad campaign. By tracking the number of bookings, businesses can optimize their ads campaign, streamline the booking process and increase the chances of converting more leads into paying customers.

Booking rate:

Booking rate helps you understand the percentage of leads generated by your ads campaign that end up booking a product or service you provide. Optimizing your ads campaign based on the booking rate can help you fine-tune your approach and increase your chances of converting more leads into loyal customers. This can result in more revenue, better ROI, and a successful business.

Return on Ad Spend:

Return on Ad Spend or ROAS is the key to unlocking the profitability of your ad campaign. This metric can help you calculate the revenue generated from your ad spend and helps you utilize your marketing budget accordingly. It works by dividing the total revenue generated by your ad campaigns by the total cost of your ad spend to get the ROAS ratio. By tracking the ROAS, you can identify your high-performing campaigns. It is a smarter way of making data-driven decisions and growing your business.

Response rate:

Response rate is a metric that helps you calculate the number of times the potential customers interact with your ads; it can be anything from clicking on a link or contacting your business. By tracking this metric, you can understand the effectiveness of your ad campaign and make strategic decisions about optimizing your ad strategy. Focusing on creating compelling ad copies and using high-quality images can help you improve your response rate. It is also important to monitor your response rate consistently to ensure that your ad campaign meets your business goals.

Lead Quality:

Lead quality measures the quality of the leads generated from your ads campaign, helping you understand if your leads are converting. Tracking the lead quality helps you communicate your business value propositions and USPs. Regularly analyze the quality of your leads and adjust your ad campaign strategy accordingly. By prioritizing lead quality, you can ensure that your ad campaigns generate valuable leads and grow your business.

Review score:

A high review score automatically increases visibility and attracts and builds trust with customers. Focusing on providing top-class service and asking satisfied customers to drop a positive review can improve your review score. Similarly, responding to all the reviews, even the negative ones, shows that you care about your customer’s satisfaction and are committed to providing the best possible service.

Number of Reviews:

More reviews improve the visibility of your business on Google. Even customers know that generating a handful of 5-star reviews is easier than generating thousands. Like the review score, the number of reviews is an equally important metric for growing your business.

Cost per lead:

Cost per Lead allows companies to determine the cost of acquiring a lead which can be important in measuring the ROI of the advertising campaigns. It can be calculated by dividing the total cost of advertising by the number of leads generated. Keeping track of this metric can help businesses adjust their advertising spend and target their campaigns to generate more leads at a lower cost. By keeping a close eye on the Cost per lead, businesses can ensure that they are getting the most out of their advertising budget while maximizing their ROI.


Keeping track of the right metrics is important to the success of your advertising campaign. Focusing on the 10 critical metrics discussed in this blog can help you get valuable insights into how the ads are performing while allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve your ROI. It can be analyzing your cost per lead or even review scores. Focusing on these metrics can help you generate more leads, save costs, and ultimately, drive more revenue. Connect with the best Google ads company, and you take advantage of these critical metrics to start creating strategies that can help your business grow!

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