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Demon slayer kyōjurō rengoku death !

kyōjurō rengoku

kyōjurō rengoku

kyōjurō rengoku is a 20 year old Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps. He is a Flame Hashira who uses a flamethrower fighting technique. and is considered one of the most influential and powerful characters in the organization. even though it appeared for a short time But he was able to ignite the hearts of the fans. With a personality full of spirit and amazing fighting skills.

Hashira’s flame plays an important role during his time in the Mugen Train arc, his first major appearance in the manga. Unfortunately, it was also his last major appearance. With justice and uncompromising duty, Flames Hashira fought to protect the weak and innocent until he succumbed to the wounds inflicted upon him by Twelve Kizuki’s third demon, Akaza.

Although Hashira Flame only appears briefly in the manga, it has a profound impact on the lives of the characters in the organization. And his death has impressed the fans even more. Is Kyojuro Rengoku’s death really necessary? Why did he have to die? Although his death was hard to accept. Perhaps the reason for his death would help the fans. able to come to terms with his painful departure

Who is Kyojuro Rengoku, the Demon Slayer?

As previously mentioned, Kyōjūrō Rengoku, who later became known as Flame Hashira, is a demon slayer in Demon Slayer Corps. He is the main character in the Mugen Train series and is one of the main supporting characters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no. Yaiba

He is the son of previous Shinjuro Rengoku and Ruka Rengoku. His father, Shinjuro, had served as Flame Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps before Kyojuro took his place. The two, including Kyojuro’s older brother Senjuro, share a strong resemblance. Their family is full of love. And obviously when Kyojurou was about to die His last words before his death were words of encouragement for his younger brother.

How tall is kyōjurō rengoku?

Kyojuro Rengoku is 5 feet 10 inches tall, which is approximately 177 centimeters tall. Former Flames Hashira is a relatively tall young man. which made him one of the strongest characters in the Demon Slayer Corps.

He has a fairly strong build. Which indicates amazing physical strength. Amazing speed and reflexes. and superhuman strength During his fight with Akaza, he showed the audience the full extent of his abilities. This surprises and impresses Akatsu himself, who openly expresses his astonishment at what he sees before his eyes.

Other notable physical attributes of the Flames of Hashira are black barred eyebrows and gold eyes that change to red and white pupils, matching the colors of the elements associated with his breathing characteristics. His eyes were the complete opposite of his overall personality. Because he’s a fun and approachable character.

Kyōjūrō in particular has long yellow hair with bright red streaks like flames. The same goes for two shoulder-length bangs and two chin-length bangs on the sides of the head. Long hair and styled like a lion’s mane. His hair reflects Hashira Flame’s breathing style and his cheerful personality. Bright colors show off his cheerful nature and loud voice.

Funny, when his hair was called weird, Kyojuro Rengoku commented that his family had had this hair for generations. And his ancestors had to eat a lot of tempura shrimp to have such hair in their family. Overall, his appearance complements his distinctive personality and role as the Demon Slayer Corps’ Flame Hashir.

How did kyōjurō rengoku die?

The death of Kyōjūrō, a fan favorite of Hashira, occurs when he, along with Zenitsu, Tanjiro and Inosuke, board the Mugen train to investigate a missing persons case. Hot Hashira and his friends are forced to fight Enmu. The most powerful demon among the twelve demons.

After defeating Enma, the Demon Slayers face an even greater threat when Akaza, a high-ranking member of Kizuki Twelve, emerges from the dust and finds them near a wrecked new train. Intent on killing Tanjiro Flame, Hashira quickly responded by using his second form: the Rising Burning Sun to cut off this demon’s arm.

Kyōjūrō is apprehensive about meeting the Upper Moon, but remains calm. He asks why he attacked the wounded man, to which Akaza replies that Tanjiro was the only obstacle between the two and was his target in the first place.

Akaza also mentions that seeing Tanjiro in a weak state is disgusting to him because he cannot tolerate weak people, to which Kyojuro replies that they both have different principles, values, and morals. Upper Moon Demon is impressed. In Kyojuro’s power urges him to turn into a demon because he has super strong powers.

Why did Kyojuro have to die?

Kyojurou’s death surprised fans, he was one of the characters that sparked the hearts of fans. With his enthusiasm and positive personality. His death was a shock to both the manga characters and series viewers.

Why did the creators kill off a character that both fans and characters love? Many people ask this question hoping for an answer that will make them forget about his death and continue watching the series.

Was his death really necessary? Unfortunately, this was the death that had to happen for the development of the protagonist and the Demon Slayer’s plans. Although his death left a huge hole in the hearts of fans that could never be filled. But it affects the lives of the characters and the series.

He could not change his principles.

Fire Hashir’s death was completely reasonable considering his character and demon slaying plot. Kyōjūrō is a selfless and courageous young man who adheres to the principles his mother instilled in him. That is steadfast justice in protecting the weak. Principles that he adhered to until his last breath. His strength, determination, and will make him a threat in the series when he nearly kills Akatsu.

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