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Destiny 2 The Best Journey Quest Guide – Destiny 2 Xenophage Exotic

xenophage quest

xenophage quest

xenophage quest: The Journey is another Destiny 2 xenophage Exotic mission that remunerates the Xenophage assault rifle. Bungie dispatched it close by the current year’s Festival of the Lost occasions and an all-new three-player prison: Pit of Heresy. It’s a long, winding, and puzzle-y street to this new Exotic, in any case. So we should investigate how to get it!

To First Begin: Go to the Pyramid Overlook

To start this mission, you need to go the Pyramid neglect from the Shadowkeep lobby. In a perfect world you can simply take the entry directly close to Eris. In the event that that is not open, you have a couple of choices. Complete Eris’ week after week mission or head to Sorrow’s Keep and keep to one side, heading through an opening and strolling down the cavern. You’ll get an opportunity to bounce up on your right which will get you to a similar region.

Collaborate with every one of the four of the Hive sculptures and a chest will produce. Open it to get The Journey mission.

Stage 1: Go to the Anchor of Light

Presently we have the journey. The initial step of the journey asks you to just rise out of the dim. It’s an ideal opportunity to make a beeline for the Anchor of Light.

Around you… murkiness. On the off chance that you are to find your way, you should secure yourself to the light.

Stage 2: Become the Torch Bearer

You’ll discover a bundle of light some place in the Anchor of Light. Get it. You’ll have to surge around to every custom plate (displayed in the picture underneath) before your “Light Bearer” buff runs out. Anybody in your fireteam can do this and complete it for everybody, insofar as they have the mission step. We suggest putting them at two of the focuses already to make the cycle simpler.

Because of the RaidSecrets subreddit for the guide showing the plate areas!

In case you’re actually experiencing difficulty discovering the plates, here are some bit by bit screen captures! Try to start your excursion in the Fallen-pervaded base on the western edge of Anchor of Light. That is the place where you’ll discover the bundle of light — inside a Hive special raised area covered up inside the lower level of the Fallen base.

This first screen capture will show you what we mean. The rest will direct you toward the plates. Recollect that the Torch Bearer buff doesn’t start ticking down until you enact the primary plate! It will likewise reset to an entire 60 seconds each time you contact a plate. That makes this bounty simple to do solo. For the remainder of the means, look at the display beneath! xenophage quest

The Journey Destiny XenophageThe Journey Destiny XenophageThe Journey Destiny XenophageThe Journey Destiny XenophageThe Journey Destiny XenophageThe Journey  Xenophage Destiny 2

Stage 3: Pathfinder

Discover Path Fragments in Archer’s Line, Sorrow’s Harbor, the Hellmouth, and Anchor of Light. Subsequent to beating each chief, the Lost Sectors in every one of these zones will have Hive runes on one of their dividers. The three-by-three framework (displayed in the following picture) contains one of three distinctive Hive runes. One rune will be over the lattice. You need to make every one of the nine tiles match that one rune. Shooting a rune will cause all runes in a similar section and line to pivot to the following rune. xenophage quest

The legitimate revolution request is: Five Lines → V Shape → Up Arrow → X Shape

Presently we go to the arrangements. Remember that these arrangements just work on a totally immaculate arrangement of runes. On the off chance that you jumble something up, leave the Lost Sector and return in to reset.

K1 Logistics (Archer’s Line): Top Left, Bottom Left, Center, Middle Right. xenophage quest

Tip: You can shoot a solitary rune multiple times to totally turn it and fix what you just changed.

Stage 4: Path Uncovered

In the wake of settling each of the four riddles you’ll get the following journey step. It requests that you uncover the way “underneath a harbor worked from distress.” Based on the beneath, it’s clearly some place in Destiny 2 beginners guide

Your way lights up, radiating through the hindrance of emerald, underneath a harbor worked from distress.

Head into the new prison, Pit of Heresy, and before you complete the primary battle experience, go to the structures to your left side and right. They ought to be somewhat higher than the constructions around them and need Hive images. There are glyphs like the ones above, nonetheless. Shooting them makes a Knight produce, which you should kill.

Presently complete the primary experience. A while later you’ll see a mass of entryways. One of them will not have an image on it. Go to it and collaborate with the Hive rune! xenophage quest

After this a progression of lifts will show up by the bluffs. (We’ll get video of this when we can.) This is by a wide margin the most muddled piece of the riddle, since it’s anything but an enormous region. There’s a plate you’ll have to remain on which will raise three stages. Two of these stages will give you chunks of fire. When you have both, bring these to the fire pits on the passage. You can pummel the balls on the plates, opening the entryway. xenophage quest

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