December 2, 2023


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Diagnosis and Effective Treatment for Colorectal Polyps

Treatment for Colorectal Polyps

Treatment for Colorectal Polyps

Treatment for Colorectal Polyps: Individuals exhibiting symptoms such as a change in the color of stool and abdominal must immediately consult a gastroenterologist in Karachi. An early diagnosis will increase the chances of smooth recovery without complications.

The fleshy growths in large intestines cause the person to suffer from rectal bleeding and require immediate medical attention to avoid complications. Individuals able fifty with a family history of gastrointestinal disorders are more prone to suffer from the condition.

Symptoms of Colorectal Polyps

The symptoms of colorectal polyps are:

  • The patient suffers from rectal bleeding and excessive abnormal pain.
  • The patient can feel the change in the bowel movements.
  • The patient can notice the change in the color of the stool.
  • The person suffers from iron deficiency.
  • The patient with large polyps is more likely to experience nauseous most of the time.

Causes of the Condition

The known causes that correlate with the condition are:

  • The exact cause of the condition is not known; however, several factors can lead to the condition. Individuals with close blood relatives suffering from gastroenterological disorders are at a higher risk of suffering from the disease.
  • People with a poor lifestyle are at a higher risk of suffering from physical and mental health problems. Excessive use of alcohol and smoking correlates with the condition. Therefore, it is necessary to become cognizant of the side effects and limit the intake to avoid health-related complications.
  • Elderly people are more prone to suffer from colon polyps; therefore, it is essential to monitor physical health and consult a specialist; if they notice unusual symptoms for an early diagnosis.
  • People with high BMI are more likely to suffer from multiple physical illnesses, including the formation of colon polyps.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures to reduce the chances of gastroenterological disorder, the individual must;

  • Elderly people should regularly visit a doctor for an early diagnosis to avoid permanent damage to the vital organs.
  • Individuals with higher BMI must make lifestyle modifications. It is best to exercise and consume organic food to enhance physical and psychological health.
  • Individuals who smoke and consume alcohol should make an effort to eliminate them from their lifestyle to avoid further complications.

Complications Associated with the Condition

The person suffering from colon polyps is at a higher risk of suffering from:

  • The patient must opt for treatment, or the condition may worsen and lead to colorectal cancer and anemia. These physical illnesses can lead to permanent damage to the organs and become life-threatening. Therefore, the patient should not delay the treatment.
  • Anemia can cause the individual to have difficulty in breathing. It can influence the overall functioning of the person. The chances of suffering from psychological disorders increase.


The tests that help in diagnosing an individual with colorectal polyps are:

  • Stool Test: The stool test help detect blood that correlates with the presence of colon polyps.
  • CT Colonography: The purpose of the test is to detect the abnormalities in the colon causing the person to suffer from rectal bleeding and other symptoms.
  • Colonoscopy: The test helps detect the abnormity in the colon.

Effective Treatment Options

The procedures that help treat the disease include:

The cauterization procedure aims to burn the tissue to avoid further complications.

  • Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure in which the polyps are removed while performing a colonoscopy to avoid complications.
  • Polypectomy is a surgical procure that helps in removing the overgrown cells and promotes the functioning of the colon.
  • Individuals with an inherited syndrome have to undergo total proctocolectomy. It is a surgical procedure in which the colon and rectum are completely removed to avoid spread and other complications.

Patients diagnosed with colon polyps must confer with a specialist at Hameed Latif Hospital. The doctor will provide the individual with proper guidance regarding health risks and the latest treatment option proven effective. It will enable the individual to opt for the appropriate procedure for smooth recovery without further complications.