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Which One Is Better: Mac or PC In 2021 – Full Comparison

differences between mac and pc

differences between mac and pc

Differences between mac and pc: While looking for an ultrabook or mac or computer notebook, we face the difficult choice: PC Or MAC?

There are several articles you will find on the internet where people oppose and contrast opinions. Both for mac and pc.

Now the question is who would you believe?. Will the eternal debate between Mac and PC end?

This guide is not for changing your mind, rather it’s to regulate what you think about mac and pc.

There are chances of you agreeing or disagreeing, but that is the whole point of this article. differences between mac and pc

History Of Mac And PC

Before we dive in straight to comparison, let’s start with a bit of history. In that way, you will be able to understand the origin of mac and pc.

Which will also make it easier for you to compare without being biased.

Here we go, mac is the short form of Macintosh, an operating system run and adapted by Apple. It only uses a lone operating system called macOS.

Macs can also run windows through a boot-type resolution called Boot Camp.

It is not native, therefore it is not fast because computers use resource emulation for it. BlueStacks is a safe and fastest emulator for Mac and PC, Blue stacks are absolutely safe to use in both.

This answers the question: Is Mediafire Safe

On the other hand, the PC is not run by Apple, neither uses MacOS. PC is able to run all kinds of operating systems including Mac with Hackintosh. Hackintosh is a computer that runs Apple’s macOS, which is not authorized by Apple.

A PC is able to run different structures of Linux and UNIX, like Chromebooks that run Google Chrome OS or Ubuntu most popular among Linux distributions. Chrome continue is a setting chrome offers to start from where you left off.

The Operating Systems Of MacOS And Windows

Apple took an available operating system, modified it for the users to use it easily, and then released it as their own.

Apple did not inscribe the MacOS, rather made modifications to it over the years.

Apple reduced its expansion expenses to almost zero by taking up open-source software.

The original developers were never repaid.

According to the experts, Windows 7, the best operating system that has ever been made.

XP was the Windows operating system, Windows 7 brought the visuals that the PC users craved.

Windows 8 and 10 were built from the surface.

Microsoft went after the drawing board on Windows 8, rebuilt an operating system to compete with mobile and its apps.

But it did not work, so for Windows 10.

Let’s begin the comparison and name the winners. differences between mac and pc

Price: Mac And PC

Price is the main issue between Mac and Windows.

It would be a foolish thing to say that “Macs are faster than Windows”.

The truth is with the similar price point, Windows are way faster than Mac because they are steep in an enclosed habitat run by Apple products only.

PC, therefore, is built in a free market, with devices to compete.

This makes the PC far better than the Mac. Therefore, who wins?

winner – PC

Expandability: PC And Mac

Macs are highly incapable of being expanded.

Buy a 128GB Macbook with 4GB ram with no graphics card, and you will be stuck with it, till someone else buys it.

The PC on the contrary takes maximum upgrades.

PC also has the RAM joined to the motherboard, PC laptops are unable to enhance their graphics card as it is as well joined.

Best laptops will allow the upgrade process for your PC to have a new life for years to come.

If you are asking about desktops then you can actually upgrade everything but Mac is not going to help you with that.

You have to buy it from Apple. How dull. No doubt PC is again the winner.

Winner: PC, hands down.

Viruses: Mac And PC

Macs get viruses too but it is not supposed to, as Apple has a strong operating system: UNIX.

Unix and Linux is a categorized operation system that makes it almost impossible for viruses to infect the system.

Another reason is, not many people use Macs, so virus creators target Windows users.

Windows are very easy to get trapped by viruses if there is no antivirus.

Due to antivirus the computer sometimes gets slowed down. You will always find viruses if you run an antivirus.

Here Mac is the winner over Windows, not PC though.

Put Linux in your PC and watch it get more resistant to viruses than Macs.

So it’s a draw.

Winner: draw

Gaming: Mac And PC

If you are crazy about gaming, go for a PC as you know it’s cheaper than a Mac, when it comes to the same hardware.

PCs are upgradable.

Game developers mainly develop games for PC.

Therefore PC is much better than Macs when it comes to gaming.

PC again takes the stage.

Winner: PC

Longevity: Mac And PC

Macs are praised for their longevity, but that’s not entirely true.

Many times your Mac has minor problems to which the Apple store suggests buying a new one instead of fixing it.

Macs are overpriced and not upgradable which makes them underpowered and outdated.

Comparing a 500 hp laptop with a 1500 Macbook pro is unfair.

High-quality PCs on the other hand are more reliable than Macs. A high-quality PC  laptop comes with a long warranty.

Do a bit of research and you will definitely find a PC spectacularly built.

Author Bio

Both Mac and PC have the same longevity, if used gently they can survive for years.

Both of them can break down due to excessive use or misuse.

Here, Mac and PC share the stage. differences between mac and pc

Winner: draw


In this article, we have highlighted some points to compare between Mac and PC.

We started off with a bit of background of both Mac and PC, so it becomes easier to understand the negative sides properly.

So stop being hanged between the better option among Mac and PC.

 There you have it, this article is for you to have a basic idea before buying any one of them. Tell us how much help was the article in the comment section.

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