September 22, 2023

DIY Vs Hiring Car Shipping Services: What Are The Pros And Cons? 

nexus auto transport reviews

nexus auto transport reviews

If you’re moving to a new state or even a new country, you might need to transport your car and belongings. Moving along with your vehicles can help you overcome transportation problems and move freely anywhere in a new place. But what is the best way to ship your car from one place to another? 

Some people prefer driving their own cars for long hours to save a significant amount of money, whereas others prefer shipping services that can take shipping responsibilities on their behalf.

To help discover the best choice and make sound decisions throughout, we have created this article to highlight the major differences between DIYs and car shipping services. 

Nexus Auto Transport is one of the leading and most reliable car shipping companies across the nation that offers premium quality services at affordable prices. 

DIY Car Shipping

If you’re on a tight budget or enjoy the challenge of doing things yourself, you might consider shipping your car on your own. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of DIY car shipping:


  • Cost: One of the most obvious advantages of DIY car shipping is that it’s usually cheaper than hiring a professional car shipping service. You’ll only need to pay for gas, tolls, and any necessary equipment, such as a trailer or dolly.
  • Control: When you ship your car yourself, you have complete control over the process. You can choose the route, the speed, and the stops you want to make along the way and monitor your car’s condition throughout the journey.
  • Convenience: If you’re moving with a lot of belongings, shipping your car along with them can be more convenient than having to rent a separate vehicle or fly to your destination.


  • Risk: Shipping a car on your own can be risky, especially if you’re not experienced in towing or driving a trailer. Accidents can happen, and you could injure your car or result in damages beyond repair. 
  • Time: Shipping a car on your own can take a lot of time, especially if you’re driving long distances. You’ll need to plan your route carefully, make frequent stops for rest and fuel, and deal with any unforeseen issues. At times, GPS tools might not offer accurate results. There are chances of you getting lost during the journey. 
  • Stress: Shipping a car on your own can be stressful. You will need to be alert and focused at all times, and you will be responsible for the safety of yourself and your car. Avoid moving along with your family members to avoid unwanted risks.  nexus auto transport reviews

Hiring a Car Shipping Service

If you want to save time and minimize the risks and stress of shipping your car, hiring a professional car shipping service might be the best option. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using a car shipping service:


  • Expertise: Professional car shipping services have the experience and knowledge to transport your car safely and efficiently. They have the equipment and training to handle any type of vehicle and safely and efficiently ship vehicles from one location to another. 
  • Convenience: Hiring a car shipping service can be more convenient than shipping your car on your own. You don’t have to worry about driving long distances or dealing with the logistics of transporting your car. All you have to do is hand over your vehicles to the experts, and they will take care of everything on your behalf. 
  • Insurance: Most car shipping services offer insurance to protect your car against damage or loss during transport. This can give you peace of mind and protect you financially if something goes wrong. 


  • Cost: Hiring a car shipping service can be more expensive than shipping your car alone. You must pay for the service and any additional insurance or fees.
  • Lack of control: When you hire a car shipping service, you give up some control over the shipping process. You will need to trust the company to transport your car safely and wait until it reaches its destination. 
  • Timeframe: Car shipping services usually operate on a set schedule, so you will need to be flexible with your delivery date. This can be inconvenient if you need your car at a specific time.

The decision to DIY or hire a car shipping service depends on your priorities and circumstances. Shipping services are the best option if you’re on a tight budget and cannot drive your car for long. Visit the Nexus Auto Transport website to learn more about their services or schedule your shipment. 


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