December 3, 2023


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Dove Cameron Song !

sexy video sexy

sexy video sexy

Sexy video sexy: “I can fall in love better than him, do what he can’t, stay up all night, don’t quit,” he said as Dove Cameron sang.

Now that she has a music video for a viral song about the joys of dating, she can show us just how serious she is about her dating skills.

The thread has been adopted by lesbians and other khans on TikTok. In it, the Saffics threw their sexiest lust traps using the powerful beats of the song and showed all the girls that they can be better lovers than any man.

This piece was inspired by a real-life meeting with a woman at last year’s New York Fashion Week. Though Cameron doesn’t want to name any names, she’s happy to talk about the horrific incident and how it affected her.

“The song itself is like a story within a story, which is why the opening lines are: ‘I can’t believe we’re finally alone.’ “I’m almost home. Everyone is dancing and it’s not with you, what are the chances? There’s a lot going on,” he says. also a combination of strange growths, frightening, painful, a girl’s relationship or interest in a man she cannot see. this is the fullness and magic of femininity. “

When creating the video, Cameron wanted to emphasize a special kind of love. “I wanted it to feel like a real love story,” she says. “I wanted it to be sexy, not from a man’s point of view, but from a woman’s point of view. And I wanted it to be real. I wanted you to feel the energy between these two women.”

Cameron feels free to create such interesting art that is unlike someone who has been in the spotlight since childhood. “The whole experience has taught me a lot about where I limit myself and what gets in the way of my creative process,” Cameron says of the release of the song and video.

“I think at a young age I made this invisible decision on my own and it really didn’t come as a surprise to me in my career.” “Because I had so many different characters, I didn’t even have time to think about who I am and how I was going to communicate this to the world around me. It wasn’t even on my to-do list. it was survival and accomplishment.”

“So when I wrote ‘Friend Boy’ it was very casual and easy and the fastest song I ever wrote was ‘Friend Boy’.

But just because it’s the first openly gay song doesn’t mean his work is honest. “Every song I released was obviously written from a gay perspective, because I’m a bassoonist,” Cameron recalls. “But this is clearly and very strange. I think I wrote this song and it blew up the internet and then the label struggled to release it, which was very informative for me.”

“All right, I can take this seat,” he continued. “And it’s safe and I allow myself to be the fullness of who I am and I can live with it. Not only that, but I can do it from there and things can go well.”

He also wants to empower others with his music and videos.

“I think we don’t talk enough about this: how to access your sexual energy, your power and your body, which is the opposite of shame,” Cameron says. “Literally, there is a lot of ancient divine power and wisdom in the body that is definitely related to sexuality. And not attraction, but your own sexual energy. These days I think that songs, videos and images that connect you and allow you to express the full extent of your humanity are very important. And I really hope that people will feel it and touch it when they look. “

Cameron also teased us about what else we can expect from the upcoming RP. “A lot of my RP is inspired by the colorful male characters in the villa I saw and wanted to grow up with as a little girl,” she says. “Now I live in these worlds and create them in my music.”


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