Drag and Drop Best Page Builders for WordPress

drag and drop page builder

drag and drop page builder

Drag and Drop page builder: WordPress page builders allow one to create, edit and customize the website layout that too without any coding involved. In this article, we will explore some page builders for WordPress. 

Advantages of Using Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress:

After starting a blog on WordPress, many people find it difficult to customize the page layouts.

Some premium WordPress themes come with different page layouts, but others are difficult to customize as some people are not familiar with HTML / CSS.

The Page Builders allow us to create custom website designs in WordPress without coding.

There are many WordPress page builder plugins in the market, some of them are mentioned in this article.

We will be discussing them based on the flexibility, ease of use, and design output.

Our Top 6 Page Builders for WordPress:

#1. Beaver Builder:

drag and drop page builder: Beaver Builder is an awesome drag and drop the page builder plugin for WordPress; it can be considered as the best WordPress page builder in the market.

It is fast and has a built-in tour to help people get familiarized with the interface.

Beaver Builder has a live drag and drop interface; the elements can be selected from the sidebar and dropped on the page. We can also click on the elements and edit its properties; there are modules coming with it.

It has amazing templates for landing pages that help in creating stunning website layouts.

Beaver Builder is beginner-friendly and is compatible with new versions too.

#2. Divi:

drag and drop page builder : Divi is a plugin that helps in drag and drop for themes and WordPress page builder. It is easy to use and has many layouts and templates.

Even this is a visual drag and drop page builder; We can click on the page and start editing and also look at the real-time preview of the changes. 

It comes with 45+ modules that can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the layout. 

With Divi, we can create a custom page layout within minutes. We can also save the layouts for future use on the site itself. We can export the layout from one Divi installation to the other.

#3. Elementor

Elementor is also a powerful drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin. It is a live page builder plugin that implies that the changes are reflected on the site as we edit it with Elementor. We can just start by creating sections and then select the number of columns for each section.

We can drag and drop the widgets from the left panel to the main section; there are tons of widgets that also include basic website elements.

Elementor is equipped with ready-to-use templates that can easily be inserted in the pages. We can simply point and click to edit any item on the page, we can replace the content too.

#4. Visual Composer Website Builder

drag and drop page builder: Visual Composer Website Builder is a user-friendly WordPress website editor that helps in creating custom website layouts quickly.

It has a simple drag and drop builder, professional content elements, out of box templates, and powerful features to create a website.

Even this provides real frontend editing experience for designing a website; a lot more can be done using this plugin like editing the logo, headers, footers, menus, sidebars, etc.

It helps in customizing the appearance of any element of the page. We have options to add backgrounds too. It has flexible rows and columns that can be used to create grid layouts on the site.

Visual Composer goes well with any WordPress theme which is handy when we switch the themes. This is clearly designed for professionals which is evident by how they paid attention to tiny details and help us get a consistent design throughout the website.

#5. Themify Builder

Themify is a famous WordPress theme shop that offers a built-in Themify builder with all of their WordPress themes. Themify is a simple and intuitive page builder; it comes with ready to use modules that can be added to the pages or posts on a website. 

We can import a layout with just a click! We can change the content and build an interesting landing page in minutes.

Themify Builder helps to edit the pages too, even this comes with live editing.

#6. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Site Origin’s Page Builder is a great WordPress page builder in the market. The reason for its popularity is that it is freely available and is fully-functional.

Although, it is a little complicated to use which is why the newbies struggle to get familiar with it. 

For components, we can use the WordPress widgets, it also has many widgets and we can download or install them.

It has a history tool that enables the user to undo/redo changes that were made; this is the best thing that we like about this plugin.

Final Thoughts: Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

These were our top page builder plugins that involve drag and drop; these are easy to use by any person. But if you want to get your website customized in a more professional way, you can always contact the team of SlashMonk and hire the experts to do the work. Slashmonk is a ecommerce website development company in hyderabad

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