December 3, 2023


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Electronic Logbook Device: A Game Changer in the Fleet Industry

electronic logbook

electronic logbook

Electronic logbook: Since 2019, the use of the electronic logbook device among truck fleets has been mandatory. According to the rule, all drivers must have and use a self-certified ELD. To say that the electronic logbook device has become a game changer in the fleet industry would be an understatement. The truth is that it has been extremely beneficial.

So, what exactly is an electronic logbook device? What are the perks that come along with using it? How can it be bought and used, and what is its price? To find out all this and more, keep reading.

What Is an Electronic Logbook Device?

It can also be referred to as an e-log. It is simply an electronic device that is connected to a business vehicle’s engine for purposes such as tracking service hours. Earlier, before the introduction of ELDs, all the work would be done on paper. Thanks to the advancement of technology, all this work is now being done on ELDs.

How Does an Electronic Logbook Device Work?

The only thing that differentiates how an ELD is different from a paper logbook is how it works. An electronic logbook device records a range of information to monitor the HOS and status of the driver.

There are different types of e-logs in terms of price and functionalities as well as capabilities. A good ELD will record the required information such as time, location of the vehicle, speed, driver information, working hours, and more.

There is also information such as idling time and location, which cannot be collected by an electronic logging device unless it is paired with devices such as a GPS tracking system.

How and Where Can an Electronic Logbook Device Be Bought?

When purchasing an electronic logbook device, the most essential thing to consider is the needs of your fleet. This will determine the cost of the ELD, the type, the services, and more.

One more thing to consider is the capability of GPS tracking and monitoring. If you want to find out more about ELDs, check out this website.

Benefits of an Electronic Logbook Device

Here are some of the advantages of using e-logs.

  • Increased safety and productivity of the driver – Before the introduction of e-logs, there were a lot of accident cases each year. ELDs have reduced accidents because they are used to identify and record speeding. Accordingly, reckless driving has been reduced because of this accountability.
  • More productivity equals more revenue – Fleet managers use an electronic logbook device to plan the driver’s day. This, in turn, increases the number of clients being serviced, and more deliveries can be made.
  • Decreased costs – E-logs reduce costs because the number of accidents is also reduced. Hence, the fleet company will not have to pay increased insurance costs and the like. The cash that was being used to buy paper logbooks will also be saved.


The advantages of ELDs are numerous. As you now can see, the e-log is a game changer in the fleet industry. Make sure that your fleet is benefiting from the latest and best electronic logbook device technology.

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