September 22, 2023

Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Ascend Siding 

ascend rochelle park

ascend rochelle park

Changing out your siding could be the best thing to do if it is worn out, dull, or in dire need of repair. The problem is, of the many sidings available, which should you choose? 

While hiring a reputable siding installation company is a positive step, most will probably want to know your preferences for particular aesthetics and durability, so understanding the pros and cons of the various sidings will be helpful.  

There’s a high chance, however, that you could find what you need in Ascend siding. Not only will it give your property spectacular curb appeal and ramp up your home’s aesthetic value, but it is unbeatable at protecting your home from the harm of severe weather conditions.  

This article discusses Ascend siding, how it improves the property’s visual appeal, and what makes it so special. Let’s begin by delving deeper into what Ascend siding is. 

What is Ascend Siding? 

Ascend Siding, a premium exterior siding, is created by fusing materials like graphite, glass fibers, polymers, and polystyrene. When put together, these materials make strong siding that won’t burn, blow away, or fade. The siding is ideal in terms of appearance, usefulness, and ease of installation. 

It’s composite siding that passes for natural wood. The wood look of Ascend siding makes it practical and provides homeowners with low-maintenance siding. This innovative composite cladding is indestructible and has a long lifespan.  

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, it has a class A fire rating, which means it is fire-resistant. You will also find that Ascend siding has a variety of colors that can distinguish your home as upscale and on-trend. It’s superior if you care about safety, keeping your house dry during storms, and minimal upkeep. 

Why Ascend Siding? 

Some peculiar features of Ascend siding make it stand out from other siding materials. This is unique to Ascend and greatly contributes to making it a preferred option when it comes to choosing a cladding.  

Here are some benefits you can expect if you choose to install Ascend siding: 

 1. Durability 

Ascend siding stands out from the crowd in terms of durability thanks to its resistance to fading and succumbing to the elements. It is reliable in any weather, including direct sunlight, high winds, and heavy downpours.  

It’s easy to trust the durability of Alside’s composite cladding since it can withstand even the most severe weather. More importantly, spending money on durable components for home renovations is prudent.  

Hence, while it may cost a bit more, don’t skimp on things that will affect your house’s longevity and quality. The suitable materials shield your loved ones from dangerous elements. 

 2. Better insulation and Fireproofing 

Ascend siding improves your home’s curb appeal and serves several practical purposes. For instance, it provides an additional thermal barrier that reduces HVAC-related heating and cooling losses. 

Alside’s composite cladding has a higher R-value than engineered hardwood and other exterior materials, which improves thermal performance. Because of this, it’s possible that your monthly energy costs will go down.  

Ascend siding, as was previously mentioned, also has a class A fire rating, making it less likely that your home will catch fire. You’ll be relieved not to have any exterior wood that can dry out in the hot, dry summer sun. 

 3. Reduced labor costs, streamlined setup, and increased value

 When planning a siding replacement or installation, it is essential that you get the most bang for your buck. This one is a clear winner compared to the upfront costs of other siding materials or engineered hardwood. 

Being capable of withstanding any climate, you are getting the best value while saving money at the same time. It’s a more affordable option with similar or better performance ratings than fiber cement siding and a lifetime warranty. 

Additionally, ascend siding is lightweight and straightforward to work with. Thanks to the self-aligning stack lock features, you or your installers can snap it into place without needing caulk or sealant.  

Therefore, compared to the typical siding installation, it requires fewer people and less time to complete your project.  Ascend siding typically takes three days to install.  

Although you want a beautiful home, you don’t want to spend weeks working on it. Ascend siding has a relatively quick setup time, which is very helpful. Consequently, the lower labor costs directly result from the shorter installation time and the smaller workforce required.  

Ascend siding is advantageous because you can set it up quickly without sacrificing quality. With this unique feature, you can get the project up and running and finished quickly.  

However, the fact that installers will move soon doesn’t mean the quality will suffer, and you can count on incomparable longevity and reliability. 

4. Low Upkeep 

Unlike traditional wood siding, Ascend does not require any painting or sealing. It is so well-made that it requires almost no upkeep and will last many years after installation. It’s an easy way to improve your home without worrying about maintaining it. 

You will not need to scrub or paint the siding since it will remain brand new and won’t fade with time, enabling you to put off that dreadful task. You may only need to occasionally spray down the outward part of your house as far as maintenance goes.  

 5. Improve Your House in Style 

Updating your home’s siding with these high-quality materials is like a complete makeover. Ascend siding is an intelligent choice because it offers several benefits, including making your home aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to set up.  

Investing in your home’s curb appeal pays dividends. Get ready to enhance your property’s first impression on passers-by with over twenty distinct hues and variations on design at your disposal.  

Ascend Siding: The Right Choice to Make  

Ascend Composite Cladding is great news for homeowners: it’s a solid investment in your home’s value and a vital safety feature. However, the installer has an impact on its longevity and price. So it’s crucial that you get in touch with a siding professional for advice on how to get started. 

With any luck, you’ve gained some insight into how to enhance the functionality and appeal of your dwelling. Ascend siding is a fantastic, low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to vinyl and wood siding that you can use immediately for your home siding project.