December 2, 2023


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Everything You Need to Know About Content Localization

global content localization solution

global content localization solution

If you’re planning on expanding your business to other countries, content localization should be on your radar. It’s one of the most effective ways to enable your business to thrive within an international market.

In short, content localization means transcreating all of your content from its language of origin – let’s assume it’s English – to the language of the country or region you’re planning on targeting. This way, you’ll not only be able to reach non-English speaking customers but also become an internationally recognized brand.

However, many businesses don’t know how to use content localization to its full potential to help them grow their business internationally. Most of all, because they don’t understand what content localization is or lack the right tools to localize their content effectively.

So, in this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the art of content localization. 

What Is Content Localization? 

Content localization is part of localized marketing, and it’s crucial for growing your business internationally. It is the process of adapting your content to meet a specific country or region’s linguistic and cultural needs. 

While many business owners think that localizing content means simply translating it from one language to another, it’s much more than that. It also involves:

  • Adapting the tone and style of your messaging to match the local market’s needs, preferences, and expectations.
  • Adapting the content to the culture of the target country.
  • Following viral trends and news in the target country to come up with locally targeted content.
  • Ensuring that all content is legally compliant in the target country.

4 Benefits of Content Localization for Your Business 

Content localization is one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing. However, when done right, it can help you build trust with your audience, increase traffic to your site, and boost sales. 

Here are four main benefits of content localization for your business. 

Reach More Customers

By localizing your content, you’re expanding your market to include people who don’t speak English as their native language. Content localization opens up new opportunities for reaching new customers and increasing sales. 

In addition, localizing your content into different languages can also significantly increase your brand awareness and recognition. You’ll now be known not only in your country of origin but also in other markets. This can also give you an advantage over your local competitors.

Enhance User Experience

Your site visitors will enjoy a better user experience when they don’t have to struggle with a foreign language when reading your content. Localizing your content helps create a more positive user experience and makes it easier for your potential customers to find what they’re looking for on your website.

Improve Search Rankings

Google gives preference to local queries over international ones because searchers are looking for information that’s relevant to them. Localization can improve your search engine rankings in local markets by helping Google understand the relevance of your site in those regions. 

Build Trust with Customers

When customers trust you, they feel more comfortable buying from you. Adapting your content to your potential customers’ culture will make them feel understood, and they will be able to relate to your brand more. 

4 Types of Content to Localize 

The more content your business produces the more complex the content localization process. To localize your content efficiently, you can categorize it into four types:

Product Descriptions

These are vital pieces of information about your products and services. For example, they may include the product’s features, functions, delivery options, and other important details.

For SEO purposes, make sure your product descriptions are fully optimized for local audiences by including keywords relevant to each market or region.

Customer Service Material 

Your customer service department might have a library of self-help articles and videos that customers can use when they have questions about your products or services. This includes FAQs, how-to guides, or even customer testimonials, which provide helpful information for customers about your products or services. 

These should also be localized so that customers can find the answers they need in their language.

Marketing Material 

This includes localizing your website, blog posts, social media posts, and email campaigns to promote a product or service. When translating this type of content, make sure you’re using words and phrases that someone would want to read in their native language rather than translating directly from English. 

For inspiration, check out Desygner’s blog in Portuguese and Spanish. This is an excellent example of blog content localization. 

Legal Documents 

Legal documents present unique challenges when it comes to translation. Not only must the meaning be conveyed clearly, but the document itself must also conform to the law in each country where it will be used. 

Also, legal terms can vary widely from region to region, so it’s essential that you work with an experienced legal translator who understands these nuances to produce accurate translations that comply with applicable laws in each jurisdiction where they may be used.

Localize Your Content with Desygner

One way to make content localization easier is to streamline content creation by integrating it into a platform that can automatically localize it into different languages. Enter Desygner: a powerful platform for designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs that want to deliver their content to the world.

Desygner’s Marketing Localization Engine offers a unique combination of features such as AI-powered personalization, automated campaign creation, and a wide range of customizable materials that make it easy to create localized content in a few minutes. 

In addition, Desygner offers a wide range of marketing materials that can be customized to fit your specific needs and enable you to expand your business worldwide easily.