December 3, 2023


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facebook ios androidgagliordizdnet/ Facebook SDK for Android !

facebook ios androidgagliordizdnet

facebook ios androidgagliordizdnet

Facebook ios androidgagliordizdnet: This document explains how to integrate an Android app with Facebook to create engaging social apps using the Facebook SDK for Android. To learn more about using Facebook’s development tools, see Facebook’s development tools. Application development.

The current version of Facebook SDK for Android requires version 15.2.0 and Android API 15. Code and examples of the Facebook SDK for Android are available on GitHub.

Please comply with Facebook Open Source Terms and Privacy Policy when using the Facebook SDK for Android.

General use

Facebook SDK for Android provides access to the following features:

  • Facebook Login is a secure and convenient way to login to your app or website using your Facebook credentials.
  • To share. Allow people to post to Facebook from within your app. People can share, send messages and share stories.
  • events in the app. Learn about the actions of people in your app and measure the effectiveness of ads in your mobile app.
  • Promote your app – Increase your app installs with mobile app install ads. Increase your app engagement with mobile app engagement ads. Find your audience with custom audiences for mobile apps.

There was a problem installing the latest version of the Facebook app for Android.

  • If you’re having trouble installing the latest version of the Facebook for Android app, try the following troubleshooting tips:
  • Check how much free space you have on your phone or tablet:
  • Open Android settings.
  • Open the storage settings.
  • If your available space is less than 100MB, you can uninstall apps to free up space and then try downloading them again. Alternatively, you can move the Facebook app to the Android SD card.
  • Cancel the download and restart.
  • Log out of Facebook and try downloading again.
  • Check out Google’s tips for troubleshooting download issues.
  • Delete the Facebook app, restart your phone and reinstall the Facebook app from the Google Play store.

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