September 21, 2023

Famous Mustache Crawl Chicago !

Mustache Crawl Chicago

Mustache Crawl Chicago

Join the many fights that will challenge Wrigleyville on July 28th. The eight-hour battle began at 10 am and continued until 6 pm.

One of Chicago’s biggest summer bars with the most brawls, this event will feature over 20 of Wrigleyville’s top bars offering a variety of food, drink and competitive fights.

The $30 ticket includes admission, an official crawl t-shirt, breakfast, gift cards to use while crawling, and free tickets.

Questions to ask

Question: What is public transport?
A: The term “pub crawl” originated in England, where, as in America, small pubs and pubs are far apart. Group members can go from restaurant to restaurant and stop for a drink at each. As you understand, by the end of the evening, some people are already “crawling” and not walking! During this special time, you will be able to sample many local beers and cocktails along the way!

Q: What if I don’t want to “crawl”?
A. Certainly; You don’t need to crawl or drink. Our goal is to give you a unique evening of entertainment.

Q: Does my ticket include beer or soft drinks?
A: Your ticket guarantees special drinks and food.* Please bring extra money with you to buy drinks and food on the indicated route! While most of our stops accept credit cards, cash is preferred because it’s faster.

Q: Is cropping acceptable or necessary?
A: It’s all up to you. Suggestions are welcome, but not required. Many of our guests appreciate good service and want to reward customers and waiters at the bars we visit.

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