December 9, 2023


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Get Latest Free Fire Update From What’s the latest new Garena Free Fire update, we hear you cry? Well, this guide aims to answer that question. As the battle royale shooter has an almost monthly update cycle, each one is packed with huge and amazing features. It’s natural to be excited about the next Garena Free Fire update.
So what we’re going to do in this guide is collect all the latest free Garena updates into one big, beautiful list. We plan to update it frequently to find out more about what the Garena team is up to, so it’s worth bookmarking and checking back often if you’re anxious for what’s to come.

We organize it in chronological order of the latest Garena Free Fire update, so you don’t have to scroll down too far to find the part that interests you the most. To save even more time, check out our Garena Free Fire Cheats or use our Garena Free Fire Name Style Guide to learn how to change your name for free.

Every new Garena Free Fire update is detailed

OB35 5th Anniversary Update

The latest Garena Free Fire update, OB35 5th Anniversary, was released on July 20, 2022. As part of its anniversary celebration, Free Fire has made several content and gameplay changes to keep the game fresh for fans.

Regular updates

User interface redesign. As part of Free Fire’s ongoing rebranding, almost all of the game’s user interfaces have been redesigned to be sleeker and easier to use.
A new weapon has arrived, the fast and powerful SMG: BIZON, which lacks accuracy but is very effective at close range.
Glue Walls Smart Throw – Glue Walls Smart Throw is one of the biggest tricks in Free Fire and is easier than ever to use thanks to the Glue Walls Smart Throw option available in the options menu.

Character updates

Miguel – Miguel’s Mad Killer ability can now be activated by destroying enemies instead of destroying them.
Andrew – Improved Andrew’s Wolf Pack ability: West damage changed from 2/4/6/8/10/12% to 10/12/14/16/18/20%.
Hayato – Hayato Blades armor spread slightly reduced from 7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/10% to 4.5/5/5.5/6/6, 5/7%.
Antonio – Antonio Gangster’s Spirit ability now gives you 5 more health at the start of the round.
Nikita: The damage boost effect of Nikita’s armorer skills has been increased to make him more powerful.
Joseph – Joseph’s movement arc and movement speed reduced from 10/12/14/16/18/20% to 5/7/9/11/13/15%.

As always, the latest update also changes a lot of weapon effects, throwing mechanics, and more, so if you want the full details, head over to the official Garena Free Fire Patch Notes page.

Rampage OB34 Update – May 25

The latest update for Garena Free Fire arrived on May 25th with several new updates. As always, the full patch notes can be found on the official Garena website, but the highlights are below.

Regular updates

Airdrop Improvement – Pending Airdrops are now visible on the map, and the Airdrop indicator disappears when a case is looted. Also, rare airdrops now have a stronger glow than regular loot, so you can better judge if a raid is worth it.
Pinning Feature – You can now pin locations, enemies, and weapons on the map to better manage your battles.
Craftland. Now that you can create maps in all versions of Garina, the developers have added a new mini-map template and a zombie horde spawn point to create truly chaotic and creative locations.

Character Adjustments

The Wolfrah Limelight ability has been changed to make it easier to move around in a match, the spectator count has been halved from six to three, and the guaranteed limb damage has been replaced with a headshot ability.
Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat ability has been changed so that you can now move freely while on cooldown without losing additional HP.
The D-Bee Bullet Beats ability has been adjusted to keep the character’s rate of fire consistent across all weapons.
Chrono and Kenta’s special move cooldowns have been slightly increased.
Zanya’s shield damage attacks have been reduced from 15 seconds to six seconds, but with a halved cooldown and a greatly increased damage dealt.

New weapons and weapon customization

M24 – The M24 is a new sniper rifle for the game, with a high rate of fire and long range for hunting long range enemies.
Gun Lovers – SCAR and GROZA have had their armor penetration increased by 8%, and the size of their sniper magazine has been doubled.
Weapon Weaknesses – The M79 has a significant debuff to both damage and explosion percentage, while the M14 receives a similar but less significant heal.