Frequently Asked Questions About Bongs

how do bongs work

how do bongs work

How do bongs work: Bongs are an excellent tool for smoking whenever you want to enjoy a smoking session with your friends; a bong can set the mood. However, did you know that every bong is a type of water pipe? As a result, water pipes and bongs are used interchangeably.

Unlike other methods, such as rolling your herbs, smoking through a bong gives you a unique smoking experience. Bongs have a water chamber, a stem, a small hole or crab, and a tall smoking chamber. Whenever you stack your herbs in the stem and light them up, the smoke gets filtered through the water and goes into the smoking chamber as you inhale the smoke. Once you remove the stem or lift a finger off the crab, it would relieve the pressure from the chambers.

Bongs are the best way to smoke your favorite herbs, and it is also better than options because the water helps eliminate any toxins that might be present in your herbs.

People planning to buy a bong can head onto an online headshop and choose the right bong for their needs. There are many types of bongs available in the market, but you might have many questions if you are a beginner.

Here are the frequent questions asked about water pipes and bongs.

Do you need water in the pipe?

A bong is a water pipe, but you can easily smoke without the water. However, it would be best not to use a bong without water, as it defeats the whole purpose. Moreover, it might make the smoke harsher than it is. So, if you prefer to smoke without water, you must look for spoons, chillums, or pipes in head shops because these smoking equipment does not have a water chamber.

How much does a bong cost?

The cost of the bongs depends upon their design, size, features, and the material used to make them. You can find an acrylic or plastic bong for as low as $20, but the prices for a glass bong or a ceramic bong can go as high as $500.

If you are buying a plastic bong, ensure that it is BPA-free. Moreover, bongs with percolators and other smoke filtering features are costlier than average. how do bongs work

Are bongs better than other methods of smoking herbs?

While smoking in any way or form is harmful to your health, when you compare smoking from a bong with other methods, you will find that bongs are much healthier. Bongs can successfully filter more than eighty percent of the carcinogens and toxic particles from the smoke of the herbs.

Furthermore, they are far healthier when compared to joints or blunts since the paper used to roll the herbs harms your health. how do bongs work

How to clean a bong?

After every session, you will notice the bong will have some build-up inside the water bowl and the stem. If you are using a dirty bong, you will be inhaling bacteria caused due to a combination of herb residue and moisture. Your smoking experience will also get ruined as a filthy bong can ruin the herb’s taste.

So, you must clean your bong after every smoking session. You can use a solution of water and vinegar. Drain the dirty water from the bong and pour in the vinegar and water solution. Shake the bong so that the vinegar mixture can help eliminate any residue.

Keep the solution inside for twenty to thirty minutes and rinse the solution. Lastly, rinse the bong once again with water only. If you do not want to use vinegar for cleaning your bong, you can buy a water pipe or bong cleaning kit.

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