December 7, 2023


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Gak TV Guide



Gak TV 100% Guarantee! Guide to certified companies!! In case of eating and drinking, each TV will compensate 100% of the damage We will guide you under the name of ” Gak TV “!! It is an affiliated playground . In case of any problems, ” Gakti Rain ” will take 100% responsibility.
More than 10,000 GakTV members are currently using it.

Recommended code : gaktv
100% responsibility and compensation in each TV in case of eating out

First charge 10%, every charge 5%!!
Sports Korea’s highest dividend!!
Difference by level of the maximum winnings!! Up to 10 million won!!!
Basketball 1st – 4th quarter real-time release!!!
Establishment of the best charging and exchange system in Korea!! 10 million won, 20 million won exchange in 1 minute!!
Ladder, dice, power ball, power ladder, virtual soccer, lotus baccara Lotus Sip, Hotel , Token Game (Low High, Baccarat, Virtual Horse Racing), etc.

[When depositing for the first time after joining]
When charging over 30,000 = 10,000 additional payment!
When charging more than 50,000 = 20,000 additional payment!
When charging more than 100,000 = 30,000 additional payment!

Many other events are in progress!

Guide to acquiring and using each TV point

100% guaranteed on each TV

How to earn points

  1. 100 points for logging in once a day!
  2. Get 200 points when checking attendance!
  3. Get 50 points when updating photos on the eye cleansing bulletin board!
  4. Acquired by point game (ladder)!!

Each TV point can be converted into an affiliated playground.


Affiliate playground usage history of 30,000 won or more within 1 week!
Each TV point can be converted over 10,000 points!!

Each TV point 10,000 points is the same as 10,000 won at the affiliated playground.

Please apply through 1:1 chat inquiry.

Affiliate playground name, each TV nickname, affiliate nickname, conversion point

You must leave 4 things for it to be processed normally.

Members who abuse may be subject to confiscation of points and restrictions on the use of affiliated playgrounds.

What to do if the video does not appear

Hello, I’m GakTV.

If the video does not appear, change the browser

I hope you see it.

Our TVs are optimized for Chrome. Especially if you are logged in when using Safari on iPhone. There is an error that the video does not appear.

Be sure to log in with Chrome. If it does not appear continuously, the chat window or If you contact us via KakaoTalk, we will check and guide you.