September 30, 2023

Gamification and How It Can Save Your Company Culture

breakout game company crossword

breakout game company crossword

Gamification has been used for all kinds of purposes, but what it can really help companies achieve is better company culture. Whether your business is struggling to build a strong team or you are just launching your startup, using gamification could help you create the kind of company culture that will make your brand prosper in the long run.

Indeed, gamification is suitable for achieving all kinds of goals related to company culture. Without further ado, here is how you can use gamification to save your company culture and improve your organization.

#1 Onboard New Employees About Your Company Vision

Before a new employee starts working at your company, you need to onboard them properly. While you probably already have an established procedure for informing them about the technicalities and introducing them to your team, it is also necessary to have a process for onboarding them about your company vision.

This is when gamification can help you better communicate what you have envisioned for your brand’s future. You can explain your company’s history, mission statement, vision, and values with the help of an interactive presentation or video. These things are essential for your company culture, so communicating them to new employees will be necessary for them to join your team smoothly.

#2 Improve Team Bonding Through Group Activities

Team-building activities are quite popular in companies of all kinds because they help employees become closer through a variety of ways. Your team members can get to know each other better, bond over their interests, and simply have a good time if the activity is a fun game they are playing together.

But even if you aren’t using games to help your employees bond, you can still gamify other activities you use for team building. For example, you could have a movie night together and have a gamified cooking process before sitting down to watch the movie you chose. It’s a subtle way to introduce gamification elements into a leisurely activity for team bonding.

#3 Engage Employees During Different Projects

Engagement is critical for any kind of company that wants to be running successfully long-term. This is precisely why it is so important to keep your employee engagement levels up at all times. Whether you have a freshly-recruited team or a team of seasoned experts who have been working for you for decades, you need to keep them engaged during different projects.

Luckily, gamification can help you with this too. By gamifying work, you will make it more enjoyable for employees to complete. Moreover, it could even become easier for them to complete tasks one at a time when they are also presented in a gamified form. Gamification takes the boredom out of mundane and repetitive activities giving employees a way to enjoy their jobs more.

#4 Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Through this improvement in engagement, you can also see an increase in productivity and efficiency. You can achieve this increase by outsourcing some of your workload such as scheduling, marketing, content creation, etc. Hire an experienced writer from the writing service Trust My Paper to write your content for you or even work on your business documents. But in addition to outsourcing, gamification is also a solution.

Because your employees will be more engaged at work, they will start completing their tasks faster. But this increased speed of completion will not result in decreased quality because your employees will be engaged in the process. In other words, this genuine interest in their work and a hands-on approach to it will lead to good results.

#5 Reduce Employee Burnout

By keeping employees engaged in their work, you make sure that they aren’t simply going through the motions when completing their tasks. Being engaged in your work is necessary for enjoying it, but it is also needed to be able to plan projects and manage time better. This all ties back to being productive and efficient.

Through proper project planning and time management, employees can reduce the risk of their own burnout over time. They will know their own limits and will make sure to find the best solutions to different situations to reduce the amount of time and energy they have to put in for these respective tasks.

#6 Boost Team Morale

It goes without saying that less burnout and more job satisfaction leads to better overall moods in your team. You want your employees to be happy when they arrive in the workplace and get to their tasks. Not only is a good mood good for your employees, but it is also good for your company.

With better a better mood in your team, you can expect the team morale to get a boost too. Even if you are going through challenges and your company is struggling, your employees will still be optimistic about your odds and will be determined to get through this critical situation you are currently in.

#7 Strengthen Relationships

As mentioned earlier, gamification can be used in team-building activities. These activities are crucial for team bonding, but in a more general sense, gamification can help you strengthen relationships. This refers to your own relationship with your employees and the relationships they have built with each other.

Relationships can evolve over time, so you can use gamification to improve the ones that you feel need improvement. For instance, engaging in gamified activities with employees who don’t seem to like you could help you get closer to them and show you to them in a new light.

#8 Make Rewarding More Dynamic

While being passionate about or simply loving their jobs is perfect for motivating your employees, there are other incentives you should be using. You can use gamification to make your rewarding more dynamic and appropriate for the needs of different employees.

To help you plan your rewarding system, you can hire an expert writer from the custom writing service Best Essays Education. They will brainstorm ideas for your rewarding system with you and then write a detailed plan that you can start introducing in your company immediately.

#9 Retain More Employees Over Time

Employee turnover is a real problem for many companies, but fortunately, gamification can help you reduce your turnover rate and retain more employees over time. This is not a direct result of gamification but rather a result of the cumulative effects gamification has.

By keeping employees engaged and satisfied at work, providing them with better rewards, and building stronger relationships with and between them among other things, you will create the right conditions for more employees to want to stay at your company.

#10 Find Brand Ambassadors Among Employees

Last but not least, gamification can also help you find potential brand ambassadors among your employees. Company culture outside of your company is represented with the help of such ambassadors, but you need the right people to do the job as they will be the face of your organization.

The rewarding system can give you an idea about which of your employees is a high achiever. Through different team-building activities, you can further understand who is more appropriate for the position of brand ambassador.

Final Thoughts

All in all, gamification is definitely a good technique for any company that wants to build a stronger company culture. You can gamify almost every aspect of your business and help new employees join the team, strengthen relationships between employees, and more.

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