December 4, 2023


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Gumroad ceo patreon substackkonstantinovic the !

Gumroad ceo patreon substackkonstantinovic the

Gumroad ceo patreon substackkonstantinovic the

CEO of Gumroad Patreon SubstackKonstantinovic Business…: Thinking about online advertising but not sure which product to promote? Or are you struggling to find the right product in your favorite area? This article is for you.

Product analysis is a tedious and time-consuming step in running an online business.
You can’t run a normal sales campaign or improve your salesperson for those who don’t have the product they need. Your product determines the steps you take.

There are many tools available to help you manage your production efficiently and smoothly. They are all very different in terms of price, performance and usability.

We have carefully selected the best product analysis tools available on the market today. This article will help you choose the right software and enable you to promote it and build a successful product.

Here are some free tools you can use to get winning products.

E-sellers are able to start gross online sales with successful free product discovery tools. These tools predate the advent of paid search software, which I’ll discuss in a later chapter.

While it may take some time to find the right product with free software, remember that it works and keep using it to get the best product.

On Facebook

Dropshipping products are more popular on Facebook. Although the right analysis can lead to a better product, it will take time.

Scrolling through Fb feeds and searching menus are the main ways to find good articles. You can set certain levels to make Fb think you are in another metropolis.

The Facebook algorithm only shows ads that can be unique to that city. The American metropolitan setting is the most beautiful. This approach has several drawbacks. You will not see many ads and it will take longer. The Fb algorithm mainly displays ads based on each person’s activity.

Another way is to search for keywords that can be used in dropshipping in general, as well as buy now, buy now, free shipping, free shipping, buy now…

You can search in the Fb search bar to find these key phrases and filter according to your needs.

AliExpress dropshipping broker

AliExpress Dropshipping Center offers convenient products and has been one of the most important fashion tools in e-commerce for many years.

This software allows you to see which items are the most popular on AliExpress in a given time period. The software also allows you to view information about the most popular international locations for these items. This allows you to target international locations that may already be saturated with products, so you don’t waste time promoting similar products there.

You can sell a product using the filters provided in the program. It lets you sort them by shipping box, cost, type, offer (free shipping or paid shipping), and many different rates.

It’s a great free software to analyze timeless objects as well.

Google Images

Google’s software allows you to preview over time in a selected area of interest.

You can get another snippet by using Google Preferences to create a curve that tracks the search history of key phrases in the Google search engine over time.

Bending upwards is an indication that you are researching areas of interest and can start promoting products in that area.

Revenue analysis tools can help you find a winning product

Excellent product discovery tools, such as those described in the previous chapter, are tedious and time consuming. All online stores and dropshippers are now using AdSpy product analysis tools.

The AdSpy tool allows you to explore social media and collect all ads. Log in to your favorite Adspi software, then choose the product that meets your criteria and pick a winner.

No extra swipes for unlimited social media notification feeds. There are many tools to discover finds. They all have the same operating principles, but differ in performance and price.

It is a good tool for product analysis.

Dropspay from the anus

Dropispy tops our list of the most effective product analysis tools. Dropispy makes it easy to find a dropshipping product that could be a winner.

It’s a reasonable price for any budget. The app costs less than $30 per month compared to the typical $100 for Adspi. This app is great for beginners.

Dropispy has a large library of high-capacity payloads. You have to use filters to find the right product.

The Dropispie “shop detective” token allows you to analyze your opponent’s sellers. For useful information about the advertising and marketing practices of major manufacturers, please visit their stores.

Our dual product analysis software is Minea. Minia is a great piece of software that helps you quickly find the right item for dropshipping.

The ability to search by country makes it easy to find popular articles in a specific area and promote them together.

The Minia is easy to use and costs less than $200 per month. The functionality of the software makes the price very reasonable.

a big coat

BigSpy is a product analysis software that I wouldn’t have known about without BigSpy. This software, as comprehensive as Dropispie or Minia, gives you access to a database of thousands of ads across multiple platforms.

These ads include Yahoo! also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! On Pinterest.

You can filter results by type, supplier, and keywords, such as product search tools.

One can access all the features of the platform with a $99 monthly subscription. You can have 24/7 customer support.

Add Spy.

AdSpy is undoubtedly one of the most effective product analysis tools out there. Of course, it works the same as the different search engines. AdSpy collects ads on Fb and Instagram.

AdSpy does not buy any ads. The algorithm of the application considers each post based on Instagram and Fb.

Once in the app, you can use filters to find only those ad classes that match your advertising and marketing needs. To retain visitors you need to use a gender filter to only show ads for girls. This can save time during analysis.

Adspi costs $149 per month.

The motivation of the winner

Wiener Pulse, the 100% French software that makes it easy to analyze products, is several years out of date. Winner Pulse gives you a big picture of each product in each ad. You can check product development on Amazon, Aliexpress and various online shopping platforms.

With this box, you can easily create high-quality products that can already be marketed.

The cost model gives you access to the entire software library for $24.99. To get the right product, just check with filters.


This article discusses 2 main methods for analyzing dropshipping success: paid product analysis software and free product analysis software.