September 30, 2023

Here’s how to improve your typing speed with accuracy

typing speed test

typing speed test

Excellent typing skills would be extremely beneficial for your productivity working from the office and home. If you have good typing skills, these will definitely help you achieve a distinguished position if you’re working online. After practicing sufficiently, you can check your progress by performing a Typing Speed Test Online.

Following, we are going to give you a couple of valuable tips to increase your typing speed with accuracy.

Tips to increase typing speed with accuracy

1. Be at ease

First and foremost, it is essential for you to feel comfortable in your seat. If you are feeling easy ahead of practicing, it will increase your chances of success. You should check if your back is supported appropriately, your chair is comfortable, and your posture is good before conducting an online typing speed test using Keyboard Tester Tool to check your progress.

2. Right positioning

It would be best if you choose your chair wisely. It must be comfortable and cozy. Make sure you are at an appropriate height for your laptop or keyboard. The accurate distance between you and the computer is usually 15 to 25 inches, whereas your feet should be on the ground. Keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle, and do not rest your wrists or hands on the desk.

3. Concentrate on accuracy, not speed

Accuracy should be your priority. That’s why you should slow down your speed in order to improve your natural talents. Once you become an expert in basics, speed is going to follow.

4. Don’t look at your hands or keyboard

If you look at your hands or keyboard while typing, it can cause losing your focus together with moving slowly. However, after practicing enough, if you can’t stop yourself from looking at your keyboard, you can cover your hands with a piece of cloth, dishtowel or something like that.

5. Use of online resources and games

Games and online typing tests are essential tools that you can use to improve typing speed and accuracy. You can also utilize typing academy to get free lessons, check your improvement, and perform online typing speed tests. 

6. Repeatedly stretching your hands, neck, and shoulders

You can experience neck, hands and shoulders hardness after typing for some time. You should take a break and stretch your neck, shoulders and hands in order to prevent unnecessary pain and anxiety. 

7. Look away from the screen

As you are trying to improve your typing speed and accuracy, you will be steadily looking at your device’s screen, which can make your eyes tired. To avoid this, you should give your eye rest after every while. Even after performing every practice test, you should turn your head away from the screen or go outside the room for some time because your progress will likely be stuck with eye tiredness. 

8. Set goals 

Setting his primary goals is the most important for someone thinking about achieving something, including learning to improve typing speed with accuracy.

How many words do you want to type in one minute? How many words do you want to type in sequence accurately, together with the correct posture? Setting up your goals and then making an action plan to accomplish them is vital. 

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