High quality ratings for an ad can:

high quality ratings for an ad can:

High ad quahigh quality ratings for an ad can:

  • Increase your average CPC (average cost per click) bid.
  • This can be achieved by increasing the rate.
  • improve the situation
  • increase the frequency of clicking on it

Correct answer:

improve the situation


Quality Score is a measure of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Better ads can lead to lower prices and better ad rankings.

how it is calculated

The quality score is calculated based on the combined effectiveness of three components:

Estimated clickthrough rate (CTR):

The probability that your ad will receive a click when it appears. Ad Relevance: How well your ads match the user’s search query.

Keep in your Mind

The quality index is based on your display history to find your keyword accurately, so changing the types that match your keyword will not affect your quality score.

If you see “-” in the Quality Score column, it means that your keyword search is not enough to determine the quality score of your keyword.

There are factors related to the quality of your ads that cannot be calculated by quality.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Search equipment
  • Location of the user
  • Times of the day
  • Advertising extensions

Quality of landing page :

How relevant and useful your landing page is to people who click on your ad.
Each item is rated above average, average or below average.

This score is based on a comparison with other advertisers whose ads have been running for the same keyword in the last 90 days. high quality ratings for an ad can:

If any of these items are in average or low average condition. may indicate that it can be improved.

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