September 27, 2023

How Brands Are Using Live Video Shopping For Marketing

live video shopping

live video shopping

Live video shopping: Marketing plays an important role in any business as it helps you sell your products which is ultimately the bottom line of any business. For driving sales, it is crucial to reach the right set of customers. Buyers may want to try your products and marketing products in the right manner can trigger a purchase decision. Furthermore, if you implement your marketing strategy correctly your customers will spread the word about your brand leading to brand awareness.

Live Shopping is one such trend that can be leveraged to create engaging and inviting content to draw consumers in and lead them to purchase. Marketing via live commerce is highly useful for consumer education. During a live shopping show, shoppers can witness the ins and outs of a product which helps them to make a purchase decision. Through Live Video Shopping, shoppers get to know the value of products, their utility, and their perks in real-time which further shapes their purchase decision.

Let’s understand how live video shopping can help brands leverage the perks of marketing

 Live interviews with industry experts

The pandemic has given consumers time to consume more engaging content and brands are working hard to come up with informative content. Live interviews with influential personalities can surely improve your brand image. Brands also host live sessions with their employees to give audiences behind the scenes. This helps you build a strong brand identity and enhance brand credibility too.


Q&A sessions

The most informative and interactive live stream shopping marketing trend is hosting Q&A sessions. Makeup and fashion brands especially rely heavily on this live shopping marketing strategy because it gives them a chance to rope in influencers and brand ambassadors. Hosting Q&A sessions also helps viewers clear up their queries all in real-time.


Live tutorials

Shoppers today are no longer drawn to flashy advertisements. Shoppers need an appealing reason to buy a product and live commerce can help brands give them that reason.

Hosting live tutorials is one such way that depicts the usage of products in real-time. This proves to be exceptionally beneficial in boosting sales because live tutorials highlight the purpose of a product. Apart from this hosting live demos and tutorials now has become a vital part of influencer marketing.

Ensure that you are not blindly promoting your products instead make sure to host an informative show that indirectly markets your products.


Live product unboxing

Live unboxing videos are always entertaining for viewers because they give a first-hand look at products. This is the most effective way to create curiosity among audiences. This strategy is increasingly leveraged by the consumer electronics industry wherein brands host live unboxing of gadgets. Now other industries like beauty and cosmetics are opting for this content style. Moreover, when influencers unbox a particular brand’s products it leads to brand awareness.

Taking your audience behind the scenes

Hosting behind the scenes sessions reflect the authenticity of your brand as it takes viewers to the process of how your brand works and what all it takes to create something. This can include anything from showing the making of a product, to funny bloopers to showcasing production or manufacturing plant, etc. This gives audiences a chance to see the force behind your brand which can help build an emotional connection with audiences.

Right from fitness brands to food brands, every industry is banking on this method.

Host live challenges

Hosting live challenges during a live shopping show has become a trend now. Such challenges are always a win-win situation for both a brand and consumers. Such strategies can keep audiences hooked to your live shopping show. Also Hosting live challenges on social media gives brands a dedicated audience wherein they can also promote their products indirectly.

Live shopping shows are highly advantageous for increasing sales but they are difficult to execute and there are quite a few risks involved. Hence, gets vital to keep a few things in mind before you go live.

  • Define the objective of your live shopping show
  • Choosing the right platform

❏    Go live with right equipment

  • Check background and lighting setup
  • Host an engaging and entertaining show

❏    Make people aware of your live stream

Wrapping it up

Due to the continued impact of covid-19 shopping via a live shopping solution has become a new way for customers to shop. When viewers watch influencers or any influential personality introducing products during a live show, they are more likely to purchase either out of curiosity or out of trust in those influencers!

Live commerce is a video content format that enables buyers to watch videos in real-time while they shop. This offers them an experience that is real and authentic. The major reason why Livestream e-commerce has gained such popularity is that it is free from any edits and this makes it more authentic.

Further when you multi stream your show you attract more audiences. The perks of multistreaming are pretty clear: the more platforms you stream to – the more the audience will engage with your content, and the more customers you will gain. Live streaming Shopping is one such solution that can help you achieve your goals and market your products.

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