December 7, 2023


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How Can Your Business Trade Smarter

kittery trading post

kittery trading post

Whether your trade business is brand new or has been operating for some time, one of the things every business owner seeks for is profit. Most people establish their own businesses for the money since it allows for early retirement or the assurance that your income is solid. 

However, improving the bottom line can prove to be more difficult than it first appears. Owners of trade businesses face rising operating costs and competition. Not to mention tax-related difficulties and regulatory needs like compliance. There are a few things you need to be aware of before putting a strategy to work to make your business trade smarter.

Have a solid trading plan 

A trading plan is a formalised set of guidelines outlining the entrance, exit, and money management standards for each buy. With the technologies of today, it’s simple to test a trade concept without risking actual money. Backtesting is a technique that enables you to test your trade hypothesis using past data and see if it is profitable. A strategy can be employed in actual trading once it has been created and backtesting yields positive results. The most important thing in this situation is to follow your plan. Even if they end up being profitable, trading outside of the trading plan is seen as a poor strategy.

Improve your cash flow

Remember that cash is one of your most important business assets since it enables you to immediately cover any costs and make investments when the moment is appropriate. You must always maintain a good cash flow because it’s the lifeblood of your company’s financial performance. 

Choosing a suitable trade finance solution in this case might be quite beneficial. By providing you with a revolving credit line that you can use to pay your expenses and your suppliers, trade finance enables you to improve your cash flow, close the working capital gap, and even expand overseas.

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Take advantage of technology

The trading industry is highly competitive and it’s safe to make an assumption that the trader on the other side is using all of the accessible technology. Traders can see and analyse the markets in plenty of different ways because of charting platforms. To backtest a concept, you should use historical data to help prevent costly mistakes. 

You can track trades anywhere by using your smartphone to get market updates. Access to the internet with high-speed and other technologies that we often take for granted can considerably advance trading performance. Trading may be enjoyable and lucrative if you use technology to your benefit and stay up to date on new items, like using trading apps that can help beginners trade better.

Recognize the margins

You must be aware of your company’s margins if you own a trading business. Understanding terms like “materials as a proportion of sales,” “labour as a percentage of sales” and “gross profit as a percentage of sales” are important. Increasing these margins is the best approach to increase the profitability of the company. Comparing these margins to the average for the industry is another factor.

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Have strategic partnerships

It’s also crucial to find regional partners that can assist with sales and logistics for the last mile. Having a network of reliable contacts and partners can make an otherwise arduous procedure a little bit less difficult, whether you intend to open offices in other countries or just wish to extend where you do business. The peculiarities and difficulties that come with operating in a new location can be helped navigated by good local partners.

Plan to accelerate after a slow start

Offering a product that’s in high demand makes it simple to enter new markets and overcommit. However, it’s considerably more challenging to reverse course once you’ve committed. For instance, in some nations, annual licence payments or office leases that are difficult to break later if sales don’t materialise are required. Death by a thousand cuts can result from a subpar worldwide sales strategy

It’s important to strike a balance. International markets provide excellent growth prospects, but they can’t be realised without some concentration and dedication. As you gain knowledge of the market, there are stages of commitment to work through. Consider whether operations can be run from home while establishing a base in a new market and whether a local agent would be beneficial.

In conclusion

Finally, by understanding the importance of each of these trading rules and how they combine, a trader can create a successful trading company. Trading is a challenging business, and those who have the perseverance and self-control to follow these rules can increase their chances of success in a fiercely competitive industry.