How digital signage enhances point-of-purchase

what is digital signage

what is digital signage

what is digital signage: A smart marketing strategy incorporates investing in attractive displays. These are crucial in attracting your customers’ attention. In retail stores, for example, well-thought-out point of purchase digital signage can be an effective solution to driving sales.

As an illustration, 70% of shoppers consider the checkout point as one crucial factor in their perception of a store. Furthermore, 88% reveal that a terrible checkout experience lowers their perception of a store. Similarly, 80% of them may not shop with it again in the future.

These findings may come across as surprising. However, they’re gradually influencing how businesses leverage digital signage to enhance their point of purchase (POP). Moreover, most stores now realize the incredible opportunity that lies beyond the typical static display.

As you plan your advertising strategy, consider the benefits of point of purchase digital signage for your store. Creating point of purchase digital signage solutions creates sales and marketing opportunities for the business. With this in mind, let’s delve into how digital signage enhances your point of sale (POS).

Point of Purchase Digital Signage Fuels Post-COVID Success

There’s an easing on the COVID-19 containment measures across the world. While it’s welcome news for retailers, it doesn’t mean that things will go back to normal quickly. It’s undeniable that people picked up new habits and developed unique preferences, which are likely to last. As retailers try to adapt, digital POP displays can make it easier for them.

For example, customers will continue to demand reassurance for cleanliness standards. In light of this, retailers can incorporate messaging in their POP displays to explain cleaning frequencies. Such would help in reassuring customers that maintaining a clean store is a top priority for the owners. This would go a long way in keeping customers happy.

Additionally, the new trend is the adoption of the buy-online-pick-in-store strategy. Placing digital displays near the pick-up counter or aisle enhances this marketing strategy. You can leverage the displays to promote compelling sales. This is to say that you’ll entice those waiting in line to buy an advertised product while still in the store, helping you make more sales. Think about these recommendations and see how to put your business back on track. what is digital signage

Keep Customers Engaged

POP displays are markedly brilliant at catching your customers’ eyes and attention. Research shows that 13% of eye fixations in retail stores significantly go toward point-of-sale signs. Undoubtedly, that is a hefty amount of visual real estate.

Given this statistic, a digital point of sale display keeps buyers focused on their shopping experience. Similarly, the more you hold their attention, the higher the likelihood that they’ll interact more with your products and services. 

By keeping your customers interested and excited, everyone wins. In fact, having high-quality products or services in today’s retail world is not enough. After all, your competitors have similar products or services and compete for the same audience as you. Then again, brick-and-mortar stores have to compete with e-commerce stores.

Creating a unique experience for your customers will repeatedly bring them back to your store. Digital signage solutions at the POP can be the answer to creating a lasting experience for your customers each time.

Enhance The Effectiveness of Membership Programs

Loyalty and membership programs have remarkably demonstrated how willing consumers are to access better deals. As such, consumers are ready to trade data for access to these programs.

By and large, loyalty programs convert customers into repeat customers of the associated brand. A large portion of the shoppers’ population would amend their expenditure to gain the highest possible advantage from their loyalty program. what is digital signage

With this in mind, what is the role of digital POP signage in membership and loyalty programs? Retail stores can use the displays to highlight the programs and related promotions in a visually appealing way. Think of how customers can use digital signage software at the POP to claim rewards.

Besides, your store can integrate point-of-purchase displays with membership program data. This way, the system generates creative and relevant sales content and delivers it to customers whenever they scan their cards in-store.

If the ads are tailored to the customer’s wants, 71% of consumers are likely to purchase. Overall, you’ll quickly unlock the most value from the point of purchase digital signage and membership programs. what is digital signage

Target Your Customers Where It Matters Most

As technology continues to advance, it’s a natural progression to incorporate point of purchase digital signage into your business. With the right messaging, the possibilities of enhancing the POP experience are endless.

Connecting with your customers emotionally to increase sales calls for more value than price cuts. Digital signs ensure that the right messages reach your customers at the right time. Consequently, the strategy that can drive up sales.

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