October 1, 2023

How much does ACL surgery cost in Singapore? 

acl surgery cost

acl surgery cost

ACL surgery singapore is perfect for a person suffering from an unstable knee. This stops the person from actively performing any task, participating in any sport, or even walking. When a Singaporean surgeon is asked about its remedy, they will highlight the people who are more likely to have this problem : 

1. Any individual who has a job and is actively participating in daily activities. 2. People who are involved in heavy labor work often turn their knee specialist singapore. Their knee more often gets twisted in doing labor. 

3. The individuals involved in sports like soccer and basketball where the knee joint is twisted repeatedly. 

4. People who exceed the age of 50 still play some sports like soccer, basketball, rugby, etc. They can have knee problems as they no longer experience degenerative changes within their knee joints. 

5. Any child or adolescent if they have had any ACL tear. This injury can be fixed by modern technology, and injury can be saved from further damage. In this way, the chances of further injury are reduced. 

Cost of ACL Surgery 

The total cost of surgery varies in public and private hospitals in Singapore. In private hospitals, the rate of ACL surgery varies from $18,000 to $22,000, while in public hospitals, the rate ranges from $500 to $1250. In government hospitals, the total rate of surgery is approximately $3,900. If you can get a subsidy, the total cost will be reduced to just $1,000 for the surgery and reconstruction. Patients can also benefit from the shield plan in the hospitals of Singapore. In this system, you Need not deposit the amount in cash at the time of admission. Rather you can get fully cashless treatment.

Breakdown of all charges 

In Singapore, you only need to pay the total cost once if you are getting surgery. Rather it is broken down into different stages. Some charges are paid at the time of admission, and others can be fulfilled after surgery or discharge. This breakdown of cost varies in private and public hospitals: 

The Fee of Surgeon : 

Ranges between $8560 to $13000 

The fee of an anesthetist: 

Ranges between $1605 to $2100 

The fee for other facilities : 

Ranges between $4300 to $6800 

How can I get the best surgeon for my ACL surgery? 

An orthopedic surgeon can perform ACL surgery successfully if he has the necessary surgery training. 

The surgeon should be fit mentally and physically, and he should be aware of your problems and concerns in a better way. A surgeon can perform surgery better only if he has successfully operated on patients and had some success stories. 

Difference in the rates of Private and public hospitals 

The charges for public hospitals are quite less than that of private hospitals. It is why you have to wait for a long time to get your surgery done, but in the case of private sector hospitals, you will get your surgery done in less time. Private sector hospitals will charge more and treat you on time, but public hospitals will delay your treatment as they charge less. 

In public hospitals, you might have to get your surgery from an un-experienced surgeon who is not even a specialist. But suppose you get admitted to a private hospital. In that case, you will surely get surgery from a specialized surgeon who has done several surgeries before.

Consult a professional! 

You need to consult a professional if you are making any decisions regarding your ACL surgery. It is up to you whether you choose to get operated on in a private or public sector hospital. Our article clearly explains all the cost differences and the availability of facilities in both public and private hospitals. 

Thank you 🙂

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