December 2, 2023


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How Negative Website Reviews can Harm your Rankings

Negative Reviews

Everything these days is online, and how does a potential customer know how reliable your product/service is? They read the reviews available online. 

Before digitalization, we never knew which product service was reliable. The brand image was created by word of mouth and after utilization of the entity. But in the new age, we get to know about the product without purchase. The good/bad aspects are well explained in the reviews given by customers on your webpage. Each platform has a review section available to help customers explain their experience and grievance if any. 

Reviews can be positive or negative and help potential customers understand the product/service. It determines the issues, perks and the overall experience he/she faced while using the given product. This helps other individuals make an informed decision during purchase. This even lets the company know which areas need improvement. 

Website Reviews- A make or breakpoint?

Everyone these days wants their money well spent, so thorough research is done before one spends money on a company’s entity. That’s where all the reviews are glanced at and the individual makes the call.  

Here is how reviews impact marketing:

Creates Proof

For making a decision customers usually do a background check. Reviews give a  relative proof about the website. A 5-star rating with some compliments can help your market grow and pave a way for new customers. The reviews are directly related to sales, better the ratings, or reviews more possibilities for your website to grow. 


A successful enterprise is determined by its visibility. Search engines help users decide what to buy, and reviews help your brand rank at the top. All websites have a different algorithm for surfing content, but customer reviews help keep your website at the top of the SEO chain. 


The one important review you create is trust. Customers who use your product and share their experience generate credibility for your website.

These days ratings determine the level of trust an individual can put in the identity of the company. Low ratings prevent many users from proceeding with the brand name even in the distant future. 

Impact on Sales 

A positive review means better sales. It creates an impact on the masses and improves your brand identity. Many studies suggest that reviews help you move up your sales graph. People trust numbers and these numbers in term determine your sale, by giving it a boost. 

Decision Making

See, the thing is reviews have the power to help you be firm with the decision. If 50 people say the same good thing about your brand, everyone believes it. This helps potential customers purchase the product further. 

Negative Reviews- A Downfall?

Customers can make & break your organization. Negative reviews create a reputation for your business which can lead to some downfall. 

Listed below are few consequences of negative reviews:


Studies suggest bad reviews from popular websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp has a significant effect on your revenue. There are studies that even say ratings as low as 1 star has 33% less revenue than the average ratings. According to Forbes, 94% of consumers avoid a company with bad reviews.


Your reputation is at stake with negative reviews. Even years of brand trust can be broken by negative reviews, which leads to fewer potential customers. Whether users use your products online or offline it changes their decision-making. The quality comes into question and further bad reviews get published. 

SEO & Customers

Your SEO ranking gets a negative impact if the reviews are poor. If the SEO rankings get affected, customers won’t come in contact with your organization. Many studies suggest that even one negative review drives up to 22% of prospects & around 30 customers. Whereas around three negative reviews can reduce 59.2% of customers. There is around 70% of downfall with negative reviews which are more than 4.

Decrease profitability

Of course profits get affected as customers choose your competitors. When your SEO is tarnished building a new reputation is quite a toll on your income.

Employee Morale

A bad reputation often leads to decreases in the morale of the employees to work in the company. This leads them to seek other companies that have a better name in the market. Everyone likes when the company grows, whether it is someone from the management or a fresher in the industry. 

Take charge

Reviews at times act as a wake-up call to make the necessary changes for a pleasant customer experience. Why take your company to the edge by not acting on those reviews. Customer ratings are a way for you to know what is wrong with the user experience so that changes can be made. If the company doesn’t act on it instantly, the years of work of building an empire soon see a downfall. So why wait to make sure you take action on each review.

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