September 21, 2023

How to Do a Free VIN Check with FreeVINCheck?

free vin number check texas

free vin number check texas

One of the easiest ways to perform a free VIN check is to use the National Insurance Crime Bureau. However, even with ease, this site can’t get you further information beyond theft and total loss records. And this is where you need FreeVINCheck to access more details about a vehicle’s history and specifications for free. 

Reports from FreeVINCheck are detailed and accurate, as they get their data from reliable sources such as insurance companies, police departments, DMVs, and auction houses, among other 100,000 sources. To do a free VIN check, you simply need to enter a car’s VIN in the search box, and in a matter of minutes, you access a wealth of information about the vehicle in question for free. Click here to learn more about this site.

Where to Find Your Vehicle Identification Number?

To do a free VIN check, the first thing you need to know is where the VIN is. Often, it is located on the dashboard, where you will find it on a metal plate. The best approach to seeing it is when you look through the windshield while standing outside the vehicle. 

Other common VIN locations include on the engine, car’s firewall, driver’s side door pillar, steering wheel/steering column, radiator support bracket, or in the left-side inner wheel arch. 

You can also find it on the front frame of the vehicle. Occasionally the VIN can be visible on the car’s frame, close to the windshield washer bottle. You can see it when you bend down in front of the car on the driver’s side. 

The VIN can also be located in the trunk, often below the spare tire. So you can remove the tire and inspect the area. When every other place in the car fails to give you the VIN, you can check on the vehicle’s liability or title insurance documentation.

The VIN of motorbikes can be found on the steering neck below the handlebars. It can also be on the motor or the frame bordering it. 

And for a semi-trailer, you can find it on the left side of its front part.

What Can a Free VIN Check Tell You?

A free VIN check can help you find information about safety rankings, recalls, original specifications, and warranties. The free report may also unveil details on the car’s safety features, customer testimonials, and fuel efficiency – it all depends on where you choose to get your free VIN check. For example, some platforms that can give you viable free VIN check results include The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), FreeVINCheck, and VehicleHistory.Com.

With the NICB, you get to determine whether the vehicle was ever reported damaged to the point where it was issued a salvage title, or whether it was ever reported stolen. The major drawback with NICB is that it limits users to five free VIN checks from one IP address within 24 hours. This means that you can not perform a free check for multiple vehicles at a go. In addition, there are no further reports besides theft claims and total loss records. However, it is still a valuable tool that can help you prevent fraud and scams when purchasing a vehicle.

FreeVINCheck provides free information available. It gives accurate reports on recalls, warranties, original specifications, and much more. From the site, you can also find out what major safety component the vehicle is equipped with, fuel economy data, odometer checks, and user reviews. This is where you can verify the status of the vehicle’s parts and components.

Here’s How to Use FreeVINCheck to Check the Vehicle History of Any Car.

Many online tools claim to be able to check the vehicle history of the car you wish to purchase. A few of them can offer detailed and reliable reports. FreeVINCheck is one of the few tools that allows you to check the vehicle history of any car by simply entering the VIN into the VIN check field. This is where you can access some comprehensive vehicle reports for free! 

To check the vehicle history of any car, enter its VIN in the search bar and start the search. Their search engine will scan through their large database to find all records of the car. Within a short period, you can check the report to confirm what you need to know about the vehicle. 

FreeVINCheck lets you discover vehicle reports in several ways. For example, you can find the information you need on whatever your car brand is since their VIN decoders work for nearly all auto manufacturers around the globe. You can also check the VINs of vehicles from every state in America, meaning you can determine all kinds of records about the car. Using the license plate lookup feature, you can find comprehensive details about a plate number and its associated car, no matter where it is from.

Why Is a VIN Number Check Important?

Running a VIN check before purchasing a car is crucial, as it gives nearly complete details of the potential vehicle, including the vehicle’s faulty design. Through this process, you can access a wealth of important information about the vehicle, starting from the day it was built. And getting these details about a vehicle’s features and specifications will protect you from getting scammed or buying a stolen or hazardous car.

A VIN check informs you of any outstanding debts against the vehicle. You can determine precise odometer results, which help you avoid odometer rollbacks. Additionally, you can generally understand how the vehicle has been maintained by its past owners, which gives you insight into service bulletins or recalls that may have needed attention.

With a VIN check, you can know whether the vehicle you’re seeking to buy has been totaled by government agencies or insurance companies because of extensive damage from floods, accidents, fires, or other unfortunate events. Therefore, you can avoid such vehicles to save yourself some major car ownership stress later.

Dealers of second-hand vehicles also rely on a VIN check to get the best deal for their vehicles. It is through this process that sellers can determine a car’s specs and vehicle history, which can affect the car’s worth. Using that information, they can estimate a working price for the vehicle.


Therefore, before you decide to purchase a used car, take your time to perform a VIN check. There are various tools out there. Check out and get to know the vehicle’s VIN and all the related information beforehand. That lets you avoid making an ill-advised financial commitment.

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