September 30, 2023

How to get out of incognito mode on iphone?

how to get out of incognito mode on iphone

how to get out of incognito mode on iphone

how to get out of incognito mode on iphone?: Incognito mode, also known as Private Browsing, is a useful feature in a variety of browsers, including Safari on the iPhone. This method allows you to browse web pages without storing your browser history, cookies or other browser data. However, there are times when you may want to step out of stealth mode and use social media regularly. In this article, we will tell you how to exit incognito mode on iPhone.

Step 1. Open Safari.

Start by installing the iPhone Safari app on your home screen. Safari is the default browser for iOS devices, with incognito mode as a browser alternative.

Step 2: Enter the Tab key

After opening Safari, you will see a tab icon in the lower right corner of the screen. They’re like two equal parts. Click this icon to access the address bar.

Step 3: Identify anonymous applications

In the context switch, you will see your open applications, including those that are currently in stealth mode. Hidden tools are marked in black and white fonts with a “Personal” icon in the bottom left corner of each tool. Go through the list to see which hidden signs to rule out.

Step 4: Exit stealth mode

There are two ways to exit incognito mode;

Option 1. Run individual programs in stealth mode

To exit only some hidden apps and leave others open, swipe left or right on the desired app. This button opens the Close button on the right side of the application. Press the “Close” button to exit the boot system open mode.

Option 2. Run all programs in stealth mode

To exit the feature entirely and close all incorrect tabs at once, click the edit table icon again (matching pair of squares in the lower right corner). This will create a tabbed view with all open apps, including hidden apps.

In the lower left corner, look for the “Private” button, which displays hidden apps. To close hidden apps immediately, tap the Close All button at the bottom left of the screen. Safari will ask you to confirm this step, and once confirmed, any hidden tabs will be closed and you will return to normal view mode.


While incognito mode offers a level of privacy and confidentiality when browsing the site on your iPhone, there are times when you may need to turn incognito mode off. You don’t want to go back to a page you’ve already visited, save a bookmark or constantly scroll, the task is simple and easy. By following the instructions in this article, you can quickly exit stealth mode and continue browsing normally in Safari on your iPhone.

After you leave private mode, your browser activity will be recorded in your browser history, cookies will be set, and other site information will be stored as usual. If you want to switch to incognito mode in the future, follow the steps here to do it again.


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